Two Steps Forward, TIN Steps Back

During the Sims 3 Happy Holidays Gift Exchange, Hidehi gifted these to SamelaRita:
Pole Family

Hidehi wrote that they are off to a rough start because …
Tad and his children’s lives have been turned into a living nightmare ever since they lost their loving wife and mother to an incurable illness.

All their savings were used to cover the medical bills and they’ve had to sell their former home to make ends meet. There are only enough simoleons left to move into an extremely dilapidated tin shack …

Will they have the chance to turn their life around and find happiness again??

Let’s follow them to see how things go! Day 1 <> Day 2 <> Day 3 <> Day 4 <> Day 5 <> Day 6 <> Day 7 <> Day 8 <> Day 9 <> Day 10 <> Day 11 <> Day 12 <> Day 13 <> Day 14 <> Day 15 <> Day 16 <> Day 17 <> Day 18 <> Day 19 <> Day 20 <> Day 21 <> Day 22 <> Day 23 <> Day 24 <> Day 25 <> Day 26 <> Day 27 <> Day 28 <> Day 29 <> Day 30 <> Day 31 <> Day 32 <> Day 33 <> The End!

2 thoughts on “Two Steps Forward, TIN Steps Back

    • It’s fun having us play this at the same time and see what we do! Kind of like a co-play in a way.

      As soon as I saw the house, I thought of Twinbrook and then when I saw the Swampy lot/house, I knew I had found the perfect place!!

      Me too. I play and take pictures, then the story follows. I have no idea what will happen next. I guess it depends on wishes and whatnot.

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