TIN Steps Day 12

Their mail carrier seems to have a thing against flamingos!

Today is a holiday (Spooky Day!) so Tad takes time off from painting to be with his kids.

They go to the Fall Festival.

After getting their picture taken, Tad and May race to bob apples but Ice discovers he doesn’t meet the requirements for participation.
A/N: It’s a shame that children can’t bob for apples in the game!

Afterward, they visit the haunted house.
Ice grows bored of their conversation and wanders off to get a cake doughnut.

May has learned how to drive!

Tad wonders who kicked flamingo and sets it upright before moving back into position.

May calls her friend, Jade, to share the good news about being able to drive and they make plans to go shopping soon.

Tad answers the door and smiles when he sees the guy from the adoption agency.
After exchanging greetings, he asks where he is and goes outside to collect him.

“He’s adorable! We need to pick a good name for this little guy.”, May says.
“I think he’ll enjoy eating the fish I catch.” giggles

After a brief family discussion, they name the kitten Zep.
Zep Pole … welcome to the family!
A/N: It was fun finding another “pole variation” when naming the kitty

“Daaaad! The kitchen sink broke again!”, May calls out.
“I’m a bit busy at the moment, May, any chance you could try fixing it?”
May grabs a wrench and wishes herself luck.
Tad comes out and grabs the mop so her concentration (and confidence!) isn’t broken.

The rest of their day proceeds like normal so we’ll stop here.

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12 thoughts on “TIN Steps Day 12

  1. The mail carrier probably has the Mean trait or someone made her very angry on her route. 😉 May will learn — eventually!

    • I wondered if she was mean … according to the wiki, she is grumpy so that might do it! Somebody probably did upset her … she also dislikes children.

      Yes, May will eventually learn … especially since Tad isn’t doing everything for her. Not running a hotel after all, lol

  2. I don´t like flamingos either LOL
    How lovely time at the festival!
    Congrats on learning to drive, girl! Time enough!
    Cute kitten ♥

    • LOL
      The festival was fun and I’m glad I took time to go to it … I often get busy with Sims (school/work or raising kids) and forget the fun stuff. Yes, it was time for May to start maturing so she could be a help for the family. I love how Zep looks! ♥ =^.^+ ♥

  3. Aww how sweet a new little kitten! Now May will be more independent and will be able to go shopping with her friend and help Tad with errands as well.. Soon it will be Ice’s turn to learn how to drive.. The mail lady does not like Flamingos or children..

    • Thanks for reading & commenting. 🙂

      Zep is a cute addition to their family. I agree, May will be able to run errands as well as socialize with friends. No, the mail lady sure doesn’t!

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