TIN Steps Day 11

May and Ice enjoy delicious muffins before heading off to school.
Tad is so focused on his painting, he doesn’t notice they left dirty dishes behind.

The garden is now completely dormant.

High school homework is challenging but younger students working on their own homework out loud adds another level of difficulty.

May doesn’t want to complain since she did encourage her brother to make a friend and bring them home from school.

Homework keeps them from wondering where their dad is.

Tad runs into his friend, Juan, at the festival and they catch up on things.

May tracks her dad down so he can continue giving driving lessons.
She did spend a few minutes being polite to Uncle Juan, of course.

Driving lessons are cut short due to Ice getting ill and needing to see the doctor.
Tad is happy the medicine did the trick and is ready to take his tired boy home.

While they’re at the after hours clinic, May catches a few fish to sell or shove in the fridge.

After cleaning up, she checks on her brother who is sound asleep next to dad and then heads off to bed, too.

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11 thoughts on “TIN Steps Day 11

  1. Great story! May is very resourceful, she doesn’t waste time and even catches a future meal.. It’s nice that Tad can catch up with his old friend, Juan.. Good thing that the medicine did the trick for Ice..

    • Thanks!

      I agree, May is quite resourceful. Hooray for things going well so they can afford having Ice get the medicine instead of being germy for days. Besides maintaining a good relationship with his kids, I felt the relationship with Juan needs to be kept as well. Uncle Juan is an important honorary extension of their family. 🙂

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