2 Times the FUN!

Getting Started!

Founders aka Generation 1:
Rules & Guidelines
The Wedding Album ~ Zach & Nichol
Telling Their Story – part 1
Telling Their Story – part 2
Telling Their Story – part 3
How Did They Do?

Generation 2:
Rules & Guidelines
The Wedding Album ~ Kayla & Jeremey
The Birth of Reiley & Kayla Makes an Announcement
Reiley’s Birthday & Kayla Attends a Party
Snowflake Day – part 1
Snowflake Day – part 2
Nichol Gets the Opportunity of a Lifetime!
Shang Simla, Day 1
Shang Simla, Day 2
Shang Simla, Day 3
Rosie’s Birthday & Bobby, too!
Promotion Day & Nichol’s Birthday, too!
Zombies! LTWs! and Birthdays! Oh, My!!!
Reiley’s 1st Day of School
We LOVE Love Day and Birthdays, too!
Leisure Day & Summer Love
Goodbye, Grandpa and Grandma
Prom, Nightly Visitors & Graduation Day – part 1
Prom, Nightly Visitors & Graduation Day – part 2
Prom, Nightly Visitors & Graduation Day – part 3
Measure Your Success

Generation 3:
Rules & Guidelines
The Wedding Bells are Ringing for Reiley & Alice
More Presents! Plus a Very Special One!
1st Moments & More
Spring Endings & Summer Beginnings
Festival Fun!
Pool Party
Goodbye, Grandpa Jeremey
Hello, Egypt. Goodbye, Grandma Kayla.
Story Progression Update
Things are Starting to Heat Up
Measure Your Success

Generation 4:
Rules & Guidelines
You Say Goodbye and I Say Hello
Hi, Baby! Let’s Go Home
Birthdays and More – part 1
Birthdays and More – part 2
More Chaotic Fun
Triple Things
Birthdays Galore!
A Fall Farewell
Birthday Bonanza,part 1
Birthday Bonanza, part 2
Spooky Day Sadness
Prom and Pranks
A Birthday Surprise
Birthday Vibe
Snow Fun, No Fun
Music to Your Ears
How Did Generation 4 Do?

Generation 5:
Rules & Guidelines
Who Asked Who?
Love Day Lovin’
The Missing Ingredient
Welcome, Little One
Birthday Song
Leisurely Day
Fluff Episode
Family Visits
Think Again
Piece Of Cake
You Have My Vote
French Fun – part one
French Fun – part two
French Fun – part three
Spooky Day Doings
Life is Good
Life Goes On
Memories and a Maybe
House to Herself
Roller Coaster Romance
It is Time
An Unforgettable Birthday
How Are You?
Moving Forward
How Did Gen 5 Do?

Generation 6:
Rules & Guidelines
Opportunity Knocks
More French Fun
Tell It Like It Is
Costume Party Caper
Work and Pleasure
All in Due Time
Sharing Her News
Birthday and Birth Day
Making His Presence Known
Awkward Bits
A Spring Birthday
A Surprising Day
Riding on the Emotional High
Life Moves Forward
Decision Time
Rest and Relaxation
Letting Them Be
A High Note
A Job Well Done
Sharing His Story
How Did Gen 6 Do?

Generation 7:
Rules & Guidelines
Rose Colored Glasses
Tip the ‘Fun-O-Meter’
Honeymoon Hiatus
Wishes Come True
Moving Right Along
Bonus Post
Birthday Magic
Birthday Magic, part two
Different Paths
Different Paths, part two
Things Must Change
Ending Things
Extra Hands
Extra Hands, part two
Birthday Blues
Code Orange
Welcome Her Home
One Other Change
Grown Up
Ask the Right Question
Surprises and More
Last Request
Special Snowflake Day
Not the Flu
What Happens Next
The Twins Graduate
How Did Gen 7 Do?

Generation 8:
Rules & Guidelines
Quiet Days
Something Shiny
Nothing Has Changed
Picnic in the Park
Special Leisure Day
A Rewarding Life
A New Friend
Things to Celebrate
Spooky Day Shenanigans
BONUS: A Cat Named Cupcake (spoiler: story of sims mourning a cat’s passing)
Sore Muscles
Teachable Moments
Breaking News
Lending a Helping Hand
Monday Mayhem
Tuesday Delights
Reason to Celebrate
Things Take a Turn
Do Something About It
Birthday Bash
Making Some Changes
How They’re Doing
Good News
Good Things
Fall Festivities
Happy Birthday
Chase in Charge
How Did Gen 8 Do?

Generation 9:
Rules & Guidelines
Making a Move
Star Light Love
Wedding Plans
The Big Day
Side Job
Weekend Highlights
Birthday Surprises
Birth and Birthday
Love Day Excitement
Cherish Each Moment
High and Low Notes

4 thoughts on “2 Times the FUN!

  1. I’ve got a Randomacy of my own going, so it’s nice to find other people’s stories and see how they did with it. The Peters legacy is only partway through generation 1.

    • I agree! The Randomacy challenge is an enjoyable one to play or read.

      Oooh, yours is in s4, I see. I’ve periodically pondered playing one and now I can “get my fix” while reading yours. 😉

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