Hello, it’s been a while!

It’s actually been more than “just a while” since my last post was in December of ’21. I took a break because I was out of ideas and felt like there was more repetition of events than new, interesting writing. I was getting bored and thought it showed. What was meant to be a short hiatus turned into anything but short.

January, 2023 arrived and basically told me that I ain’t seen nothin’ yet. I was diagnosed with cancer. Yes, the BIG C. This meant seeing specialists and running a battery of tests to prepare me for surgery in February. Surgery went well and then it was on to other specialists and more tests to prepare me for chemotherapy.

5 weeks in and spirits are still running high. Sure, I sleep a lot … deal with bouts of brain fog (funniest moment: headed to kitchen to feed kitty breakfast, filled my glass with water and left the room. Remembered about half an hour or so later. Oops! She forgave me though) … mild symptoms overall because of diet changes and intermittent fasting the day before treatment.

Hair loss meant this is the first time my hair has been shorter than my husband’s. When it started, I cried. Then I took charge and called the lovely lady who does my hair to shorten it. When it got more obvious, I called and scheduled to get it buzzed. I went from scarves to turbans and slouchy beanie-type things. I cover my head and grab a mask when I have to go out in public.

5 months of chemotherapy will be followed by radiation and then hormone blocker since this cancer is driven by hormones, not genetics.

Cancer sucks. It changes not only your life but also affects the loved ones who live with you. I have learned to stop trying to do it all (know my limitations!) and simply appreciate the love & support I’ve been blessed with.

I’m lucky and I know it. I have loved ones do what I can’t (at this time) and good friends who check up on me, offering support and assistance should I need/want any.

One day all of this will be part of my past and I look forward to living life cancer-free.

Soon I will return to sharing more SimLit with you, my dear readers,

Thanks for reading this long-winded letter,

TIN Steps

May heads back to UNI and discovers a few differences between this term and her last one.

TIN Steps

May heads home from her term at UNI, intending to surprise her dad, but ends up getting a surprise of her own.

TIN Steps

The term at UNI is almost finished, giving May time enough to send one more letter before she heads back home.

TIN Steps

May is going away for college. There are plenty of places to see, people to meet and things to learn during her first day.

Homebound Holiday Gift Exchange

Hosting this event is fun which is why I continue wearing the host hat. Sometimes, other hats get worn … like replacement Buddy. Unexpected circumstances made one Buddy step down so here is a piece of the replacement gift for a nice Simmer named SimLibby.