TIN Steps Day 30

Dear Dad,

It wasn’t easy but the end of term is almost here. Long days followed by late night study sessions meant little time for sleep. I plan on doing that for the first few days that I’m home, lol

Last time I wrote about a class I liked; this time is a small grumble about my least favorite. The subject matter is fine … it’s the location that’s not. For some reason, this particular class is held in the Student Union of all places. A place where students are encouraged to gather and gather they do! It doesn’t seem to matter whether there’s a class in session or not.

Professor Anthony simply ignores them but I find myself not able to, especially when they congregate by me. I wish I were better at tuning things out.

There were three finals to prepare for and I felt ready entering each exam room and confident upon exit. Am sure this means I did quite well.

A friend offered congratulations and told me how lucky I was. I replied that it was more than mere luck. Putting in time and effort made all the difference!

Results were sent out by the end of the next day and I admit to being concerned when I got my envelope since much was riding upon what the contents contained.

As you can see by the copy I included, there was nothing to be worried about. Not only did I make honor roll but I am also near to completing the degree program.

The future is looking bright for this soon-to-be graduate!

By the time you get this letter, I might already be home and hugging you three.

Love and miss you all,


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10 thoughts on “TIN Steps Day 30

  1. A big congrats on passing with flying colors May. May is on top of her studies and plans to go far, you can tell, and she is super happy! Enjoy your time at home May, I bet the rest of the family missed you as much as you did them! Oh and by the way you have me interested in going to University..

    • Thank you! I like how the family waves goodbye but wish they would do some sort of unique greeting when the student returns home.

      Yes, do go and let me know how it goes for your Sim. I want to seee!!!

  2. May passing with flying colors does not surprise me at all! She has all the makings of an honor roll student!

    The class with the noisy students reminded me of the times I have gone to the public library to study for exams and some rather inconsiderate students (mostly from junior high) would talk and make lots of noise, I was very happy to discover the silent room, where you can’t hear a pin drop and I got the my studies done. Lovely Chapter!!

    • Our library study rooms are continually in use by students and others just wanting a quiet place to read or use their laptop.

      I think you’re right about May. I figured she would be more focused on getting good grades and returning home as soon as possible than in partying and whatnot.

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