TIN Steps Day 29

Dear Dad,

I’m sorry for not writing more often but classes and coursework take up most of my time.

De Anda Hall is nice and neat on the outside but inside is a totally different story. We don’t live in a hotel but my dormmates seem to think so. They don’t clean up after themselves and honestly … it doesn’t take rocket science to load a dishwasher.

I miss living at home where it was nice and clean because all of us pitched in to keep it that way! I’m seriously considering getting a part-time job over the summer so I can rent a place when I return for the Fall Term. If Ice wants to go to UNI after he graduates, he can live with me. Trust me, you don’t want him picking up bad habits from the dorm!

Thank you so much for the care packages! Seeing the note asking me to stop by the post office was a pleasant surprise and so were the things you sent. A dorm fridge! A boombox! These along with the painting and chair I picked up at a yard sale have made my room more comfortable.

The boys from the Frat House continue sending out party invites but it’s easier to retreat to my room and avoid being pulled along when my dormmates head over to them. I don’t know how they expect to graduate when several of them don’t ever seem to go to class!

What do you think of the postcards I included? The school’s architecture is amazing! Everywhere you go there is school pride and decades of alumni support. Walking the same halls and attending classes in the same buildings as prominent members of Twinbrook did before me makes me realize that many of us share the same dream … getting a UNI degree and a well-paying job while we figure out a way to leave a legacy of our own behind.

I quickly learned that rain or shine, classes are held and it’s best to get there early to claim your seat.

My favorite is the Technology Class Activity which takes place outside Keith’s Komics of all places! Each student set up their Cerebralizing Brain Enhancing Machine 1.0 and carefully followed the directions Professor Anthony called out. Not only were they detailed … I took a lot of notes!! … he also led by example, showing us what to do while he sat in the chair.

I set up the machine in our dorm and got dormmates to volunteer their time so I could get plenty of practice before the practical exam.

The timer just went off so I know dinner is ready which means this is a good stopping point.

Will write more later.

Love and miss you all,


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8 thoughts on “TIN Steps Day 29

  1. Its nice she got a care package from home it will help her out a bunch sounds like she is making her room feel more like home and it looks nice May. I love the postcards and the little notes along with them super sweet idea. I see the classes are full of sims ready to learn. Well the brain machines are something to see, I never went to collage in sims 3, very interesting. I love that May is right at it in the dorm also nothing like getting back at those messy dorm students 😀 Loved catching up with May Addy, thank you for sharing..

    • These were actually in-game gifts from Simmers so I thought it would be fun to include them (sorry for not remembering who sent what) but it felt like care packages from home. 🙂

      Glad you liked the way this chapter was presented, it was fun to do!

      I rarely have my Sims go off to UNI but thought it might make a nice change of pace with the story. It certainly keeps me on my toes, lol

      As always, thanks for reading!

    • Yes, she is.

      True. At least they haven’t caught anything on fire and I don’t recall having to repair anything the broke but since the pictures are from September, I could be wrong.

      As always, thanks for reading!

  2. Love that you used letters for May to tell about her college experience! May is not only very smart and responsible, but she also is very blessed since she does have the support of her very loving family! She’s right, Ice should live with her if he goes to Uni and that way he has her support and avoids picking up any bad habits..

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