TIN Steps Day 31

Packing up to head home made May both happy and sad. Happy she’d see her family but sad because she had to say goodbye to good friends.

May quietly set her suitcase down and tiptoed behind her dad. “Surprise!”, May yelled in a mischievous voice before hugging Tad.

Later that night May caught up on news with her school friend, Jade. Jade specifically wanted to know about any hot college guys and May laughed it off. “Who has time to date? Between classes, coursework and exams I’m lucky if I had enough energy to make it to my bed on the 3rd floor of the dorm!”

The next day …

A single phone call changes May’s plans.

It turns out there was some sort of administrative snafu with the transfer students in which they are enrolled for two consecutive terms instead of the single term as expected. Students are advised to return to campus or risk losing their spot in the degree program.

Notes: May enrolled for 1 term and ended the term with an ‘A’ grade but received the following notification so it’s back to UNI she goes.

At least her course load is lighter this term.

A disgruntled May opts to pass on the Meet-and-Greet in the Student Union and by doing so, meets some of her new dormmates.

Walter Fullman, Blair Jansenovich, Liz Tarry and Whitney Harry have returned to De Anda Hall. Ayana Yuki and Nicole Lawry graduated but found jobs in town instead of returning home. Skip Taylor decided to live elsewhere while continuing with his studies.

New to De Anda Hall are Daniel Vaughn (pictured above), Cora Sidwell and somebody May didn’t expect to see.

She decided to work off her frustrations instead of accidentally taking it out on others and was soon lost in the rhythm of the treadmill until an unpleasant odor filled her nostrils. The green body mist was a not-so-subtle clue too.

Perhaps the Residents’ Association should provide books or pamphlets on hygiene May thought before turning to leave the room and …

getting a surprise of her own. “Garrison? Is that you?”

Garrison Fort has moved into the dorm and is pursuing a degree in physical education.

After a brief bit of catching up, May heads to the communal bathroom before going to her room.

“All right, guys, time to set boundaries again. You can’t just go in other peoples’ rooms without knocking and getting permission. Daniel, please don’t let Blair talk you into doing stupid things that will haul both of you before the Residents’ Association.”

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12 thoughts on “TIN Steps Day 31

  1. Glad to see May back home, it’s sad she had to go back but I’m happy that her schedule was lighter this round. Maybe this roomies will be more considerate and inclined to study than the others. Well maybe not either 😀 !! Super fun catching up with May again Addy!

    • Glad you liked it & thanks for reading!

      It was slightly annoying since I wanted her and Ice to go to UNI together but I guess that simply wasn’t meant to be. I decided not to focus so much on what her roomies did/didn’t do this time around and just let May go about her business.

  2. Poor May it seems she is getting a crash course of the unfairness of life as part of her college education! Hopefully, next semester proves to be more fair.. Good chapter, but I was feeling sad for May..

    • Yes, she certainly did but difficulties like this makes May count her blessings!

      Thanks for reading! Knowing you connected with her and felt something lets me know the writing was good so thank you for that.

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