TIN Steps Day 32

Dear Dad,

Here we go again with another letter from UNI town. This will probably be my only one this term since most of my time will be spent like last term … attending classes, keeping on top of coursework and preparing for finals.

As you know, the only available student housing for rent are two-bedrooms, which I don’t need, so back to De Anda Hall for me! Sure, I could have chosen a different dorm but I liked the idea of living in familiar surroundings and quickly reclaimed my room on the 3rd floor. A couple of dormmates graduated and another chose to live somewhere else this term so there are new faces among the others.

I find it fascinating that one or two of us will head off to class early in order to snag a good seat while other dormies take their sweet time. This would probably make a good research topic for someone getting that type of degree. It’d be interesting to see what the results are … scary, too. lol

Instead of silently seething, I opted to talk to the others about picking up after themselves so we could all enjoy a clean place. They agree it would be nice to have a clean place but … apparently, most of them don’t feel inclined to do the picking up. SIGH

To make matters worse, someone tends to use the kitchen late at night and then leaves quite a mess. DOUBLE SIGH

Yes, I know I wrote in a sigh or two. You would too if you had to deal with this mess!

My friend, Garrison, is better about cleaning up after himself and doesn’t seem to mind picking up after others but has a tendency of running around in his boxers which makes me feel awkward. I don’t know why it would since they cover as much as a swimsuit does. Don’t read this part to Ice or I’ll never hear the end of it.

The Sorority held several bonfire parties but I only attended the first one since I figured they would all be pretty much alike. Their house is much nicer than the Frat one but for some odd reason, they opted to build the bonfire in the front yard where anybody could mess with it instead of using the one in the fenced-in backyard. I guess that is a private bonfire for “residents only”.

I ran into Garrison at the party which was nice. I never realized having someone you know with you made it easier to talk to others. He showed me how to do a Mind Meld which was nerdy but fun. I want to try it out on Ice and see what he thinks.

A highlight of this term was meeting an alien named Eshu Ne’Xafughos. I enjoyed learning about Sixam and couldn’t resist the opportunity to experiment on a non-resident. Am happy to say it went well and he gained insight into how we prepare food.

You’ll be happy to know that I didn’t have my nose buried in assignments all week. I played racing games with Whitney and Cora, beat Liz at chess and taught myself how to play pool after reading a book on the basics.

I learned a few additional things while attending the lecture session. Hearing a familiar voice, I couldn’t resist peeking at the one before mine and saw Garrison at the podium. I later learned that it wasn’t a student presentation. At some point during the term, he was hired as a professor at the college. I’m so happy for him! As for my lecture, I would be happy if the mascot wouldn’t dance during it.

You’ll be happy to know I once again passed my exams with flying colors and am sure the scholarship committee is as well.

My report card held no surprises but I could see shrugs from a few dormies and hear loud groans from most. It’s not difficult to get good grades but I’m sure my advice would fall on deaf ears much like talking to them about doing dishes did. I’m definitely not meant to become a teacher and can only admire those in the profession for what they have to put up with!

Time for me to end this letter. I look forward to seeing all of you on Saturday at the Graduation ceremony!

Hugs and kisses,


“Dad, I did it!”

“You sure did! I am as proud of you today as I was when you graduated from high school. Our life was a bit rocky for a while and you found ways to help your brother and me for which I’ll always be thankful. You also didn’t let it be a crutch to prevent you from obtaining top grades as you go after your dream. Your mother is sure to be looking at you and smiling with as much love and pride as I am.”

A/N: For some reason the game didn’t give May a graduation gown to wear. She can put on one at the dresser but it’s her high-school one, not college. I’m a bit disappointed by this, to be honest. She worked hard for her degree!

Soon it was time for one last look around before packing up and heading home.

It’s so good to be home!

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10 thoughts on “TIN Steps Day 32

    • Thanks for reading!

      I agree, May did really well … her LTW was the one for getting a perfect GPA and she achieved it! As for Garrison, as soon as I saw them together I knew they would be good as a couple. They haven’t started dating but I expect they’ll get together & marry at some point.

  1. Congrats on a job well done May!! Super sorry the game didn’t give her a graduation gown that’s a bummer. May’s dad seems really proud of her an should be!
    I wish we had a class room in sims 4 like we do in sims 3!!

    • Thanks for reading!

      Yes, it was a bummer but what can you do except laugh/roll your eyes and move on.

      Tad is such a supportive dad! I’m sure he would be fine with whatever either of his children decide to do with their lives.

      You mean the lecture room that is in the Student Union building (Sims 3)? Or the skill one that is set up somewhere on campus? It would be nice if Sims 4 didn’t have everything behind a rabbit hole. They’ve gotten better since there are a few careers that Sims can go to as well as the work-at-home ones but I agree, it would be nice to have more hands-on stuff.

  2. The second semester proved to be a wild ride, even an alien, not to mention messy dorm mates.. Being responsible pays off, passing with flying colors! Even if Garrison picks up the room in this boxers, he seems like a great young man! With all the mayhem around her, May does have lots of character..

    • Yes, it was a wild ride for sure but living in a dorm tends to bring about “adventures” like these. Living with others and seeing things from their perspective is part of the college experience so I was glad May got a chance to do this.

      Garrison is handsome and seems like a good match for May.

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