TIN Steps Day 33

While May was away at UNI, Marci adopted a cute puppy. Welcome to the family, Ski Pole!

May was really happy she was able to be home in time to celebrate the following special event with her family.

Happy Birthday, Ice!

Ice then sat Tad down for a man-to-man conversation. UNI isn’t for everyone and after seeing all the hoops May had to jump through, he decided to get a job at the ground floor and work his way up.

After a successful interview, Ice was inspired to begin composing a new song.

A/N: I regret trying the UNI-at-home mod. May graduated and has the Technology diploma in her personal inventory but … she still has the mood for worrying about grades (a -20 penalty!) and on the career tab shows 0 credits in the Technology degree. UGH !!! I looked online and it seems like the only way to remove this is to go to UNI and then withdraw. And … of course with her having earned the degree, she isn’t able to actually enroll in this particular degree program in order to withdraw from it. What a mess!

May also had a successful interview and is well on her way to becoming an astronaut. With her degree and good grades, she starts as a Squad Leader (level 4) which means she needs to spend the next couple of days working out so she doesn’t embarrass herself in front of her squad.

Leaving the locker room, May sees her friend Jade. It turns out that Jade got married while May was away at UNI. Jade is now Mrs. Shark Racket.

“Shark? Are we talking about the same guy who used to pull pranks and torment girls back in school?”

May learns that Shark is no longer that guy. Apparently he had been acting out because of an unhappy home life and as soon as he was out on his own, made steps to turn things around. He now works at the police station.

The next day …

May gets up while it’s still dark outside in order to go for a run. Getting fit while also learning to function on a different schedule seemed like a good idea when she first thought of it.

“How do people function being up at dark-thirty?”, May wonders.

Later that same day …

Ice graduates from high school with honors, just like May did. Tad has twice the reason to be a proud parent!

The Tin Shack is now a sweet Tin Home, filled with all the necessities a family could need as well as love and care.

Day 32 << TIN Steps >> The End

Thank you again, Hidehi, for creating the Pole family and Home-Tin-Home. It was fun playing them! For those wishing to give them a go, here are the links again:


Pole family

Thank you to all who read this renovacy story. Your support means a lot to me!

10 thoughts on “TIN Steps Day 33

  1. Ski Pole is so cute! ♥
    Happy birthday Ice! Good luck at the Music career. Congrats on your graduation at the High School!
    Good luck as becoming on an astronaut, May!

    • Thanks for reading! ♥

      Ski Pole sure is! I’m half tempted to age him up early so I can see what he will look like, lol

      Both May and Ice are sure to do well in their respective careers.

  2. The puppy is so adorable and the name suits him well! Happy Birthday Ice super happy to see you have become a young adult and fixing to hit the world wondering if everything you do is the right thing you do :)! Nothing like the old daily grind Ice!! Sorry the game glitched up on May’s degree Addy that is super sad :(! Congrats on May landing her job and getting to start off at level 4!! Good turn around for Shark.. Congrats to you Ice, now the real learning begins :)! I enjoyed this read dear Addy, a bit sad seeing it end but enjoyed every bit of it! 🙂

    • Thank YOU! I agree, it’s sad seeing a story end but that am sure I will re-visit them again at some point.

      Marci is a dog lover so I knew they would get a dog at some point and figured while May was away at UNI was a good time so to speak 😉

      May and Ice will do well with their chosen careers and perhaps there will be wedding bells in the near future for either of them or both. 🙂

  3. I am sorry about the Uni mod, I was trying out some mods for the Sims 4 and I had to uninstall them because they sometimes hinder other part of the game from working as intended.. I only trust the MC Controller and Twisted Maxies Mods..

    It doesn’t surprise me that May has a brilliant future ahead.. Ski Pole is super cute!! University is not for everyone, Ice will still have a brilliant career.. Great story!

    • While I wished it worked properly, it did provide an interesting twist to the story. The only mod I have for Sims 4 is MCCC because I like the story progression aspect added to the game.

      Thank you for reading! Am sure we will see more of the Pole family at some point.

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