Seaben Circle

Happy Simsmas 2021 Gift Exchange ~ It’s the most wonderful time of year … a Sims 3 gift exchange spreads holiday cheer and goodwill among Our Community!

The original Buddy for seaben needed to step down so the honor of making for this friendly, fun Simmer is mine. Host perk, ya know πŸ˜‰

Upon reading the Buddy Letter, an idea began to form and this is where it led me …

Presenting Seaben Circle, built at 415 Skyborough Blvd in Sunset Valley. This large family home will suit a growing family from toddler through teen years.

  • CC-Free
  • Fully Tested
  • Upgrades done: Unbreakable (most items), Fireproof (stove), Faster Cooking (microwaves)
  • Great/Excellent Quality Garden

Exchange Link: Seaben Circle

Happy Holidays!


Main Floor Overview

  1. Entry (includes 2 closets)
  2. Half Bathroom
  3. Formal Dining Room
  4. Home Office
  5. Open Plan: Kitchen/Breakfast Area/Morning Room connects to Living Room
  6. Pantry (too small for pictures)
  7. Gym
  8. Laundry
  9. Master Bedroom
  10. Master Bathroom
  11. His and Her Walk-In Closets

Entry and Half Bathroom

Formal Dining Room

Home Office

Open Plan Kitchen/Breakfast Area/Morning Room and Living Room

Gym and Laundry

Master Suite (Bedroom, Bathroom, His and Her Walk-In Closets)


  • Garden (picture taken before planting)
  • Children’s Play Area (Playhouse, Sand Pit, Playground Equipment)

2nd Floor Overview

  1. Rec Room
  2. Nursery
  3. Walk-In Closet
  4. Nursery Bathroom
  5. Child Bedroom
  6. Teen Bedroom
  7. Bath shared by Child and Teen

Rec Room

Nursery Room, Closet and Bathroom

Child Bedroom

Teen Bedroom

Shared Bathroom for Child and Teen

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