Claudia Conway

A Homebound Holiday Gift Exchange gift for SimLibby.

Claudia Conway has sights to see and places to be! Blond is the color of her hair but her brain is not filled with air!

Sagittarius is her sign but she doesn’t let it define!
Adventurous, Computer Whiz, Eccentric, Genius, Unflirty and more. Claudia definitely won’t be a bore!
Turquoise, Indie Music and Grilled Salmon are each a favorite thing. With them, Claudia is happy and wants to sing!
Being a Great Explorer is her ultimate dream. Exploring tombs can be dangerous as things are not what they seem!

Intrigued to know more? I hope so!

The taxi driver drops her off and Claudia quickly realizes that something is not right. Not only is there no house in sight but it is starting to rain.

She calls her landlord and learns she was accidentally given the wrong address.

“Oh dearie, I’m so sorry. I don’t know how that could have happened.”

Claudia is glad she asked the taxi driver to wait and is soon at her new place. 1 bedroom, 1 bath with all the basics … just like the advertisement read. Thank goodness!

Since it is still raining and rather early, Claudia heads to the 24-hour gym.

Why do some Sims make it look so easy?

Claudia thinks there has to be a better way to stay in shape.

The gym pool is a logical choice!

Or perhaps not. Some kid decides to splash her within moments of her entering the pool.

With a quick glance around to make sure no adult is in sight, Claudia holds back a grin as she shares the tale she learned at the orphanage (an older kid, of course!) about a particular monster going after those who splash others.

With great satisfaction, she watches him leave the pool and decides it is time she did too.

Looking at her watch, she realizes the library should be open and is soon on her way.

Claudia spins the globe and steps back so she can get a good look at the next destination in her travels. It is good to know where one is going and start saving up for the trip!

Another bright idea is learning about the place she plans to visit.

She also takes time to learn about the weather patterns in the town where she currently resides. It’s a good thing she did because she realizes her winter wardrobe needs updating.

Claudia purchases what she can at the consignment store before heading to the boutique.

Right as she is heading toward the display of hats, gloves and scarves … others step in front of her to look at the items. Claudia bites her tongue and sits down to wait her turn.

Eventually, they leave without purchasing anything and Claudia quickly takes their place. She finds what she is looking for and takes all of her purchases into the dressing room to try them on.

Looks good, Claudia! She thinks so, too. lol

A few hours later …

Claudia heads to the theater to see a play. When she arrives, she learns the play will be coming soon!

She places a quick call.

And learns there has been another mix-up.

“Oh dearie, I’m so sorry. I was certain the play opened today! I don’t know how that could have happened.”

Claudia doesn’t let that turn her frown upside down.

She will head home and take of a few things before calling it a day.

Claudia is glad she signed a short-term lease because a kind but ditzy landlord isn’t the best solution in the long run.

She needs to find a better living arrangement, especially when she heads off on an adventure. It would be horrible to return and not have a place to rest her head because the absent-minded landlord leased it to somebody else.

Claudia takes her time to find the right place.

99 Landgraab Place sounds promising!

SimLibby, Hopefully you enjoyed the story with a hint regarding your next gift. It is a pleasure being your Buddy!

Download Link: Claudia Conway, CC-Free

Note: Claudia doesn’t contain any store stuff. She also doesn’t contain anything from Generations or University Life even though the upload shows otherwise. I went through each outfit with a “fine-tooth comb” and checked everything … 4 packs were used: Base, World Adventures, Late Night and Seasons.

2 thoughts on “Claudia Conway

  1. I love this gift for SimLibby and will be grabbing Claudia up for my game as well dear Addy, I love the outfit she picked it really suits her and super glad she found the right home I think she will enjoy it dearly!! Well at least I hope she does! 🙂

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