TIN Steps Day 13

Zep enjoys his morning exercise routine.
Stretch 1,2,3. Scratch 1,2,3.

That is followed with a round of attack the mousie.
I’ve got you now!

Zep is ready to head outside and stalk prey …

He snags an elusive chip bag, lol

Zep loves getting attention from the younger Sims when they get home from school but wishes they would be more generous with the fish-flavored treats.

That’s more like it!
nom nom nom

Tad lets May check the mail so she can be the first to see her driver’s certificate.

The paintings from Tad and Ice seem to be running along a similar Sci-Fi theme and are perfect for decorating Ice’s newly finished bedroom.

Tad let Ice pick the paint colors and both think the room came together nicely.

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12 thoughts on “TIN Steps Day 13

    • Thanks, dear Bree!

      Zep definitely has mine! Am thinking he needs to be saved to my library bin so I can enjoy him in other games 😀

      Glad you like it because I was once again experimenting with colors, lol

  1. Interesting point of view at the first to tell the story from Zep´s perspective LOL
    Yes, I agree about how lovely looks the room with the new paintings ♥

    • I agree! Might have to keep an eye on Sims to make sure they aren’t shirking their duty, lol

      “Awww … I just took a break from homework because Zep needed attention.”

      I do too. They really made Ice’s room stand out!

  2. Zep is adorable!! I love the breed you chose! I didn’t know that Sims got driver’s licenses… Ice’s room is beautiful!!

    • Yes, he is!! I chose him partly because of his markings.

      When you create a YA or older to play, they don’t get the license but a teen who learns how to drive will.

      Thank you. 🙂 I like how it turned out and think it suits him rather well.

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