TIN Steps Day 14

Today is May’s turn to feed and brush Zep. Tad appreciates May and Ice not complaining about having to do these additional chores … his littles aren’t so little anymore!

This frees him up to finish various commissions as well as do some much needed work around the house.

The others do their part to add to the money tin, too.

Zep hones his hunting skill each time he attempts to hunt/gather.

He isn’t the only one hunting/gathering.

Ice catches a few insects after attending the free game at the stadium.

May gathers wildflowers and then treats herself to a trip through the haunted house. Upon exiting, she sees a familiar face.

It’s the perfect time to tell Uncle Juan about receiving her driver’s permit!

Grilled hot dogs is a nice way to warm one’s insides on this chilly fall day.
“You don’t need to wait for me, kids. I’ll return after rinsing this plate the meat was on.”

After dinner, May talks to Jade about their nice picnic under the trees … Ice enjoys a tea party for two … and Zep dreams of large bags of fish treats.

And what has Tad been doing while the others are entertaining themselves?

Making some progress on his bedroom and enjoying the “fruits of his labor”, of course! Zzzz …

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12 thoughts on “TIN Steps Day 14

    • I agree. I prefer playing non-rebellious teens who help out instead of hinder other Sims. I might read some books about family drama but my Sims aren’t usually drama llamas, lol

      Thanks 🙂 Ice is there but not close enough to grab in the screenshot because silly me forgot how long it takes to get to the picnic table when traveling home via bike, lol

  1. Another lovely day.
    It´s great that May met her uncle by the Haunted House.
    Tad´s bedroom looks very cozy and lovely.

    • I think it was too.

      Uncle Juan seems to enjoy the festival lot because my Sims always see him there, lol

      Thank you! I wanted his room to be a restful space because raising two kids alone isn’t easy! My mom did it so I know firsthand some of the choices she made to keep a roof over our head and food in our bellies.

  2. Lovely Chapter! It’s nice that the family is giving Tad time to do some stuff for himself, he has had to be totally selfless for so long! His room look lovely! The whole house is looking great! Even Zep knows how to fend for himself!

    • Thanks!

      I agree. I knew it would take time to reach this point (where everybody could do things for themselves) and had to be patient, lol

      His room is coming along nicely as is the whole house.

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