TIN Steps Day 15

Stretch … 1, 2, 3
Hunt … 1 … 2 … 3 … pounce

Ice wakes and since it’s too early to go anywhere, occupies himself with the toy oven.

Zep joins May at the pond. He’s sure he can catch a fish faster than her with that stick and string.

Eventually …

Zep heads off to find something more interesting to do and May heads back inside to warm up.
Upgrading the toilet to self-cleaning should do the trick!
A/N: For those interested, catching fish isn’t as easy as it looks … Zep is pretty sure the fish saw May’s larger outline and stayed away! lol

Upgrades will get done sooner with two Sims working on them.
Zep is victorious and presents his latest find to Tad in exchange for admiration and fish-flavored treats … lots of treats, please!

A few hours later …

Zep joins the others in the hopes of snagging a bite or two.
“Kitty Kibble is in your bowl but I’ll be glad to give you a good brushing,” Tad says with a smile.

“Stupid sink! Why do you break when it’s my turn to do dishes? Now I have to fix you and mop the floor, too. Adulting sucks!”
A/N: My daughter uses the term adulting when she’s doing things like reconciling her bank statement, pumping gas etc. … you know the responsible stuff that must be done in order to keep on having fun

The sink is fixed, the floor is clean and everybody heads to bed.
Tad acknowledges what a gem his teenage daughter is, even though she grumbles a bit more than he would like.

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12 thoughts on “TIN Steps Day 15

  1. Zep is very disciplined, he does his stretching everyday and works on his hunting skills.. I didn’t know cats could fish, I am learning a lot from reading your story! I wish I could upgrade my own toilet to self cleaning, the stuff you can do in the Sims! It would be nice if the sink didn’t break.. Adulting has it’s rewards but from what I remember it was stressful at times.. Great chapter!

    • Thanks for reading & commenting!

      I pay attention to mood and have Zep use the scratching post regularly so he isn’t inclined to scratch up their furniture.

      As hunting skill increases, he can be directed to seek out a particular type. If a Sim tells him to go find x, Zep will bring it back to present if a successful catch.

      Self cleaning toilets would be a lovely thing to have!

      I agree. Adulting does have rewards in addition to particularly stressful moments.

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