TIN Steps Day 16

Ice talks to Zep while brushing him.
“I will be turning these in after school today. The Science Center has prizes for doing their Beetle Quest and I’m sure I did quite well.”

Zep makes the rounds after being groomed and fed. He stares down the mail carrier after catching her throwing the mail on the ground. She blinks first … Zep wins!

Tad’s Blurred Lines series is coming along nicely.

Jade invites May home after school. They decide to do homework before visiting but the distractions prove to be too much for May … so she heads home to complete her assignments.

She tells her dad and brother about the growing pile of laundry (gross!) and grumbles about Mrs Greenwood interrupting her homework to talk about the weather.
“I was trying to be polite but she just wouldn’t stop talking. It was sooo annoying!”

Once assignments are done, Tad sets out the birthday cake and lights the candles.
Happy Birthday, Ice!

What happened next was so unexpected, it caught the family by surprise!

Tad grabs the fire extinguisher and after a bit of trial-and-error, manages to put it out.

While he’s doing this, the firefighter arrives.

She comes in to check things out, wishes Ice a happy birthday and then proceeds to lecture the family about fire safety before taking her leave.
A/N: Thank goodness only the cake was destroyed!

Ice heads upstairs to spend some alone with his birthday present.

Tad figures a bowl of soup would be a safe choice and ignores Zep begging for seafood-flavored treats.

May decides to do a bit of research and see what can be done to prevent further catastrophes because that was scary!

Times passes and soon it’s bedtime.
May checks for “surprises” because Zep is actively dreaming and his twitching paws makes it look like he’s chasing creepy crawlies.

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12 thoughts on “TIN Steps Day 16

  1. Wow look at that beetle collection, pretty awesome! Happy Birthday Ice, wow that was the first time seeing that happen in my life of simming.. Ice is handsome! Enjoyed the excitement, glad it was only the cake. Thanks for sharing Addy..

    • I love when the game gives those two scavenger quests, especially when I’m doing a renovation challenge!

      Really? I’ve seen it happen a couple of times throughout all my various game saves but I’m sure the % chance is quite low.

      I agree, Ice is a handsome Sim.

    • Yes, it was. Turning insects in at the Science Center gives a larger return than selling straight from inventory so I have Sims store them when the Scavenger Quest is active if another Sim isn’t able to “sell” the insects.

      You’re right, it wasn’t a fun birthday for Ice but nobody got hurt and they didn’t have to replace stuff. It could have been worse.

  2. Happy birthday, Ice!
    Looks ironic that your birthday cake burnt. Is it was so hot? :O
    Wonderful beetles collection!

    • I could see a cake for an elder Sim possibly catching on fire due to the number of candles, lol but this game likes to throw curve balls so you never know what to expect while playing.

  3. Good for Zep, he gave the mail lady the stare she deserved! Smart cat! Good thing that Ice’s birthday ended well, even if the cake wasn’t edible.. He’s a very handsome teen and loves his birthday present.. Although I think he may be more scientific verses musical given his successful Beatle quest.. Both children are almost grown and the future is looking better!

    • Yes, he did. lol
      At least it wasn’t snowing because then the mail pile gets buried and I might miss noticing it.

      The loss of cake is easier to handle than loss of Sim or having to replace a lot of things.

      I agree, Ice is a handsome Sim. A later chapter will have better pictures of him, I’m sure. I seem to recall his LTW might be a composer as opposed to a rock star so science might come into play later on. 😉

      Yes! The future is looking bright and both & I are happy about this.

    • At least it wasn’t snowing when the mail got delivered or I might not have noticed the bills dumped on the ground.

      I know! I was quite concerned when the fire broke out & very relieved when only the cake got ruined.

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