TIN Steps Day 17

From toy oven to full-size, Ice seems to have a knack for cooking.
May can’t understand where things differ … they use the same recipe after all!

Tad jokes about some of his early efforts when feeding the family.
“Food not fit for Sim or beast but we couldn’t afford to let any go to waste!”

“I’m sorry, son, but it looks like you are hereby designated the official cook.”
May doesn’t look like she minds one bit.

While they’re sorting out a chore rota, Zep is outside doing his bit for the family.

Tad must have been inspired by what he saw outside the window.

That afternoon …

May makes an effort to remove stickers from Zep’s coat before starting on homework.
Ice misses the days when homework meant playing with finger paints and blocks.

“Elementary school doesn’t fully prepare you for heavier coursework,” he says.

Once homework is done, Tad begins teaching Ice the fundamentals of driving.

Meanwhile, May makes progress with upgrades while Zep dreams of a ban on baths.

Holiday lights make their home a welcoming sight at night.

Two hungry guys enjoy a bit of brinner (breakfast for dinner) with Zep waiting nearby in case any crumbs fall to the floor. He appears to be doing his best I’m-starving-from-hunger impression, lol

Tad finishes his latest painting and is sure it’s his best one yet.
Zep thinks it could use some texture and offers shavings from his scratching post.

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16 thoughts on “TIN Steps Day 17

  1. Nice yummy discussion Tad is throwing out there over breakfast! Congrats Ice on making top cook in the family! Zep is pitching in to help out, that’s super cute! Ice is well on his way to go places! Nothing like having a female handy dandy sim in the family and May has it all under control. I love how the home is turning out Addy and the lights sets it off. Oh man I love that last painting Tad done, think its the first time I’ve seen it in game, I love following your stories they teach and show me so much. Wonderful reading dear Addy, I loved catching up!!

    • Thank YOU, dear!
      Many things happened during a day in the life of the Pole family & I enjoyed reading your reactions to them.

      Guys don’t always think about location before saying what’s on their mind … Mr Addy does this during meal times, too. lol

      May isn’t trying to be mom but she certainly isn’t afraid to pitch in and do her part.

      Ice is coming into his own and finding ways he too can make a difference.

      Zep is as cute and helpful as always.

      It’s fun watching a house unfold while you play. I had an idea for room placement but don’t really think about furnishings or colors until placing.

      Knowing my stories do more than entertain/amuse makes me happy! Am glad we’re learning new things together 🙂

      • Giving Mr. Addy a big smile 😀 cause really he deserves it with the mealtime chatter! Yes, I love following you around in your stories cause I learn so much 🙂 Thank you so much for sharing them with us!

  2. I never got a toy oven. Because I thought of it as “just” a toy. I guess I didn’t realize/know they got a skill from it. I learned something! Great chapter!

  3. Looks like Ice may have a future in the culinary field.. The toy oven is more than just a toy.. I imagine Zep is not the only cat that dreams of a ban on bath.. I had cats so I know that most would prefer no bath ever!! Brinners sounds great, especially if reheating breakfast is quicker and easier than having to make dinner from scratch.. Definitely Tad’s best painting!

  4. Looks like a culinary career may be in Ice’s future.. Zep dream of banning baths must be the dream of many cats, I know my cats hated bath time.. I have had brinners, when one doesn’t want to cook dinner from scratch they are great.. Definitely Tad’s best painting yet!

    • Perhaps. Ice rolled wish to be a musician (non-rock star path) but maybe culinary might suit him better. We’ll see.

      I think so too. I know mine were not fans of baths. Luna likes to be out IN the rain but we don’t dare try to put her in a tub. Those claws of hers are sharp!

      Yes and no. I make pancakes from scratch (super easy!) and I enjoy having them at dinnertime every now & then 🙂

      Thanks! It seems to be one many people like because I’ve gotten a lot of comments about it.

  5. Sorry I typed the same comment twice, it’s just that I thought it got deleted when I typed it the first time, because I wasn’t logged in Word Press, so I typed it again..

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