TIN Steps Day 18

May has a smile on her face this morning because she’ll soon be done with high school cliques, drama and homework.

She decides to ride the bus and pass along a few tips & tricks for her brother who will soon be traveling the halls on his own.

“Form your own path and don’t let teachers think of you as May’s little brother. You have plenty to offer, too!”

While the kids are at school, Tad fixes the sink and …
quietly celebrates his birthday. He might be a little older but doesn’t feel any different.

That afternoon …

May is first to walk in the door and with their dad a happy birthday.

His blurred lines style now has a few whimsical animals in it: squirrel and bunny.

Juan stops by to wish him a happy birthday and they end up reminiscing about the changes that have taken place.

“When you first moved here, you stood in front of your children to protect them and now they stand beside you with the tools to handle whatever happens.

And … this place. It stopped being an eyesore and is now a happy family home.

I admire you, friend, for all you’ve accomplished since you moved here!”

Tad invites Juan to join them for dinner but he takes a rain-check because evening time is the right time to go collecting stuff other folks don’t want.

Tad heads back inside to start another painting while he waits for dinner to be ready.

Afterward, Ice steps outside to practice a song he’s writing while Tad stays inside to paint.
A/N: Not sure why I don’t have screenshots for May or Zep but I figure they must be doing their usual routine

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10 thoughts on “TIN Steps Day 18

  1. Wow May getting all grown up now, I loved seeing her help her brother adjust to the new high school that’s super awesome. Happy Birthday Tad, no need letting the kids know you are another year older 🙂 awe but May remembers and you are not slipping that one by them. Juan is a super wonderful friend. Loved catching up Addy!

    • Thanks for reading, dear!
      May is a big help to the family and I’m sure Ice will be, too. It’s neat seeing how each pitch in and do their part.

      Ah, you caught that did you? lol
      Tad aged up and went about his day as if it was business as usual 😉

      Juan is indeed a good friend and fits in perfectly with this story.

  2. Happy Birthday Tad, even though he doesn’t look any older.. There isn’t really a difference between adult and young adult.. Graduation? May has come a long way.. If Ice gets good with the guitar, he may be able to make money doing music as well.. Great chapter!

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