TIN Steps Day 19

Carrie Post retired so there is a new mail carrier making the rounds.

May learns her name, Marci Cassidy, and a bit about her. Marci thinks cookies with a special someone are a nice treat but finds it easier to make veggie rolls.

A few minutes later …

Marci says goodbye and heads back to work.
May stands there, deep in thought, as an idea starts to form.

A short time later …

The family heads to the Festival.

Hot cocoa with whipped cream is calling May’s name.
Tad takes up ice skating ~ a fun way to keep fit.
Ice gathers some flowers before strapping on a pair of skates.

He opts to stay near the railing after watching an elder Sim pull May into the middle for a spin and mere minutes later … stumble … causing both to fall onto the ice.

May leaves the ice soon after that and approaches her dad. They discuss the great outdoors and how nice it is having someone to share the experience with. Tad wishes there was an easel nearby because he would love to capture this moment.

They take a family portrait before going their separate ways:
Tad and Ice for more driving lessons.
May for a bit of fun with Zep after making a couple of phone calls.

After several hours, Tad decides that Ice is ready to drive on his own.

Back at home …

The family enjoys a nice dinner before May and Ice scoot off to do their own thing.
Tad is in the midst of mixing paint when the doorbell rings.

“May! Ice! Somebody is at the door. Can one of you please get it? I’m a bit busy here.”

After a few minutes of no response, Tad wipes his hands and goes to the door.

A lovely lady is there with a warm smile.
“I’m Marci Cassidy, your new mail carrier.”
“Hi, I’m Tad and as you know, our last name is Pole. laughs
It’s very nice to meet you.”

As soon as their hands meet, Tad feels a spark he hasn’t felt in a long time.

He invites Marci inside and they chat about a variety of things.

Not wanting the visit to end so soon, Tad asks Marci to look at the stars with him.

She whispers that even though a long day of work is tiring, she’s very glad she stopped by and met him.

Tad smiles and lets her know he is glad to have met her too and without thinking about it, leans over and gives her a kiss.

“Oh! I … I …”
“Tad? Relax. I kissed you back because I’m interested in you, too.”, Marci says with a smile before waving goodbye since it is getting rather late.

He enters a quiet house and heads to bed with plenty to think about.

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10 thoughts on “TIN Steps Day 19

  1. May is super sweet! Oh glad May is okay! Ice will be on his own driving in no time a tall! I got a chuckle out of his chat with the mail lady! Wait what did he just do?? Was that a kiss I saw him sneak in, what’s he up to? Super interesting! Talk about kissing an running! 🙂 Super great story Addy.

    • May is a good daughter 🙂
      Your eyes didn’t deceive you … Tad got caught up in the moment and kissed Marci. Your comment about kiss & run made me laugh, thank you for that!

    • It was a fun festival 🙂
      Tad’s little poles aren’t so little anymore, lol
      He does! It was instant attraction between these two AND more importantly, she is single.

  2. Wonderful chapter! The day already starts out right with the previous mail lady finally retiring, even Zep did not like her.. The hot cocoa is a delicious idea and (during a cold front) I can relate to having hot cocoa with whipped cream call my name as well.. LOL.. Now that May and Ice are becoming more independent Tad won’t be alone, looking forward to some romance!!

    • Thank you, dear!
      Glad you enjoyed the chapter.

      You’re right. Zep wasn’t fond of the previous mail carrier.

      Hot cocoa with whipped cream definitely calls my name too, lol

      With both kids reaching teenage years, I thought it would be a good time to introduce a bit of romance in Tad’s life. {fingers crossed for things working out}

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