TIN Steps Day 20

On chilly days like this, May and Ice wish the bus stopped closer to their house!

It’s nice seeing the mail be put IN the mail box.

Zep goes hunting and then rewards himself with a nice nap.

Tad thinks his definitive style has come a long ways since early days.

The house has come a long ways, too.
The teens will share Big Lemon because Tad bought himself a truck which was promptly named Key Lime by the kids, lol

Even though things are going better financially, Tad prefers to fix the plumbing himself or use it as a teachable moment for May or Ice.

That afternoon …

May finishes her homework and starts dancing around the room, playfully teasing her brother about music nobody would want to dance to when the doorbell rings.

“Saved by the bell eh, baby brother?”

It’s Marci. Tad greets her with a smile and a hug.
“Are you ready to go?”, he asks.

They are going out on their first official date.

“Tad and Marci are going to the movies. What do you think they’ll see?”

Ice finishes his homework and quickly heads upstairs to watch TV but his fun is cut short. He calls dad, apologizing for the interruption, to tell him about the broken TV. Tad tells him to call for repairs and not try to fix it himself.

Ice places the call and then heads outside to wait for the repair person to show. He opts to continue strumming his guitar and stay out of the way while their TV gets fixed.

Meanwhile …

May slipped out to pull off a senior prank at school.

She is finishing up and heading back to the car when she notices a Sim silently watching her. May smiles and nods good evening even though her heart is racing a mile a minute. “Play it cool, May. Don’t act guilty or like you don’t belong here.”, she thinks to herself.

He doesn’t say anything or call out for her to stop so she heads on her way, calmly walking even though she feels like running.

Back at the house …

May tells Zep about her adventure while Ice is upstairs watching Sim Chef Challenge.

After the movie, Tad and Marci head over to the bistro for coffee, dessert and conversation because neither want the evening to end just yet.

Eventually, it does end and Tad sees Marci safely home before heading back to his.
He’s not ready for sleep and decides to start another painting.

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15 thoughts on “TIN Steps Day 20

  1. Wow, that’s pretty far to walk on a cold day! Zep is super cuteness! I think Tad is doing really well with his paintings also! Okay the house is lovely, glad that they got another ride and get to share the big lemon, super cute name they gave the truck, (made me chuckle)! Tad is doing a well job teaching his children! Oh, a nice date for those two! Hard to guess what the movie will be! Glad he got it fixed, does he love music too? Shame Shame Shame May, but I suppose its all fun! What a lovely date had! Fun reading Addy, thanks for sharing!

    • Thanks for reading, dear!

      Walking/running to the bus builds character! 😉

      Yes, Zep is & I think he knows it!

      Tad is doing well and the vehicles suit this fun family, lol

      I don’t recall what movie they saw since May and Ice kept me busy but it was a really good date overall so am happy for that.

  2. I couldn´t read much because I couldn´t stop to look at your beautiful pics.
    How exciting that they had their first date ♥ The first of many more I hope.
    Zep is so cute! ♥

    • Thank you, dear!
      Glad you liked the pictures & Zep,

      I’m sure they will have more dates because I really like them as a couple and hopefully, family outings too. ♥

  3. Awe-sim chapter! I love the screen shot of the lime colored truck against the backdrop of Twinbrook in the afternoon, very picturesque! The house is looking lovely and Tad is definitely becoming a much better painter, even though it seems Ice is not very mechanically inclined.. Tad’s first date went very well, Tad and Marci make a cute couple!

    • Thanks for reading!
      Glad you enjoyed it.

      The lime color does stand out in a crowd, lol
      I really like how the house has turned out and how each contribute in their own way. Ice might not be mechanically inclined but appears to be the best in the kitchen.

      I think they’re a cute couple too! Will be interesting to see what happens next in their relationship. ♥

    • I agree, Zep is a busy cat.

      The colors in the painting are quite striking!

      The house is coming along nicely 🙂 In fact, I think it is probably done at this point.

      The game named the car Big Lemon so I went with that for its color and figured the truck should be a bright green for lime, Lemon & Lime, lol

      May rolled the wish so I decided to let her have a bit of childish fun before she graduates and becomes a YA.

      Yes, it was a nice date. As I’m sure you might remember, the game often rolls a wish to go to the movies whenever a Sim is on a date … it would be nice if there were more things to do on dates.

    • Key lime also makes me think of the pie, yum! I might start thinking of the pie now too … LOL

      I rarely let Sim children/teens pull pranks at home or elsewhere but might start letting it happen a little more often because the messages are fun to read. And like you said, it does add something fun to the story.

    • I would rather they pay the repair bill than die from electrocution.

      Would be nice if it did, but painting style in the Sims is based more on traits than on “real life” experiences.

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