TIN Steps Day 21

Watching Zep fish is a sight to see!

Tad is so focused on painting, he stays up much later than expected.

Zep’s effort have paid off! He is now a fishing expert. Yay!

A little later …

Zep heads inside to clean his claws and passes the family eating breakfast. There are no interesting smells coming from their plates and the conversation seems somewhat serious.

Tad checks to make sure homework assignments have been done before they head off to school.

Stop, Zep! There are no fish in the toilet bowl.

Tad isn’t sure what he thinks about this one.

Marci stops by after work and they decide to have a quiet night at home, watching TV and getting to know each other better.

After Marci heads home, Tad reminisces over their evening while he eats the last of the Chocolate Fudge Ripple. He thinks it went well and hopes she does too.

Tad heads upstairs and discovers one more thing that needs doing before he can call it a night.

A/N: Am not sure why Tad is wearing thick glasses in some of the pictures … perhaps he is wearing his “career” outfit

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8 thoughts on “TIN Steps Day 21

    • Thanks for reading, dear!
      Glad you liked it.

      I might have Zep stick to fishing and see what he gets šŸ™‚

      That is a possibility because you know I enjoy writing about weddings.

    • Zep is an adorable and zany character!

      You’re right, it is indeed colorful. Maybe if it had a touch more yellow, I would have put it in May’s room instead of selling it.

      I agree, their romance is coming along nicely. šŸ™‚

  1. Looks like Zep discovered that the thrill of getting of fish is worth getting wet for.. The painting looks like Tad’s art is more abstract, looks nice! I see Tad’s is getting closer to Marci.. Maybe Tad has thicker glasses because of his last birthday, that’s my guess, I know I needed stronger glasses when I hit my fifties..

    • Thanks for reading!

      I agree. Zep appears to be one of those rare cats that doesn’t mind getting wet, lol … Luna will be out & about when it rains as long as it isn’t a heavy rain or has thunder/lightning.

      As for Tad’s painting style, he has the artistic trait which would cause paintings to have a “watercolor effect, making it blurry” according to this Sims 3 Wiki: https://sims.fandom.com/wiki/Painting

      Yes, Tad and Marci are definitely growing closer and it is nice that his kids don’t seem to mind.

      You’re right, age might have caused him to need thicker glasses. I know my own prescription has called for stronger lenses over time.

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