TIN Steps Day 22

Tad exits his bedroom and is surprised to see both May and Ice awake this early on a Sunday morning.

They all enjoy eating waffles Ice made and watching Zep … being pure Zep. He brings such joy to this family with his adorable antics!

Oh my! Another missed cake moment but none of them seem to mind. Happy Birthday, May!

A number of thoughts runs through Tad’s mind as he looks at his little girl who isn’t so little anymore! She’s every bit as beautiful as Bean was and exhibits many of the same endearing qualities … qualities that caught his eye and his heart. May is sure to do the same when the time is right.

Ice also takes after Bean in looks but is slightly more serious in manner than she was. Oh, the jokes she loved to tell!

Tad decides it’s past time to share Bean’s love of a good joke and is determined to make his son smile more.

Lots of thoughts are running through Zep’s mind, too. Zep sees fish … Zep pounces from above … Zep is going to catch that little fishy!

A/N: Zep catches a perfect quality Alley Catfish

Ice wants to practice making grilled cheese sandwiches since a SimChef episode showed several mouthwatering variations and he’d like to learn how to make all of them.

Tad has an idea for a painting and gets right to it.

As for May, she has plenty to ponder since she is no longer a child. Uni? Job? Live at home or strike out on her own? So many decisions to make when one is adulting!

A little later …

Tad is pleased with how the painting turned out.

He’s also pleased when Marci stops by.

Everyone enjoys hearing Ice play.

Tad slides his arm around Marci while they sit on the bench and is heartened when neither May nor Ice stare or look their way with upset showing on their faces.

Zep is inside, lulled to sleep by the soothing music … comfy chair … and dreams of tasty fishies.

Gwayne Bayless dropping by and enjoying the music was a pleasant surprise but not as much as Marci giving Tad flowers!

Ice stops playing and introduces himself to Mrs Bayless so his dad can continue focusing his attention on Marci (thanks, son!).

Ice learns she a professional blogger and shares his wish to become a composer someday. They discuss music for a few minutes and then says their goodbyes.

Alone at last!

Tad has a few things on his mind and wonders how to tell Marci.

He gets up and holds his hand out to help her stand.

Looking into her eyes, Tad tells Marci he feels things he hasn’t felt in a long time and seeing her brings happiness to his heart.

“I’m falling in love with you, Marci Cassidy, and think we are on our way to something truly special. I hope you feel the same as I do but if you don’t then that is okay, too.

Whether our relationship leads to marriage or stays casual, please know you are important to me and your wants are too.”

Marci smiles and says while pulling Tad closer to her, “I feel the same way you do.”

They share a few more kisses and light laughter as they grin at each other like besotted teenagers before parting ways. Good night!

Tad goes to bed with a big smile on his face!

And what about May? Has she come to any sort of decision?

She has and is looking forward to seeing how it all turns out …

To be continued (in a future chapter) …

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12 thoughts on “TIN Steps Day 22

  1. Oh my my look at them on Sunday, up early and learning too. I agree Zep is awesomeness and cuteness poured into one! Happy Birthday dear Mae, I hope your day was a wonderful sim day. She’s beautiful Addy! Go Zep go!! How will Mae go is the question? I would like to know also! Tad’s painting skills are awesomeness.. I hear wedding bells with them two! Zep is the cutest.. Oh that Marci is ready to move up to the next step. Nice Ice stepped in there and greeted the neighbor. Oh that was a wonderful date for them two and they got closer. Can’t wait to read more about Mae’s direction taking! Loved catching up Addy, thank you for sharing..

    • Thank you, dear!
      Glad you enjoyed it.

      LOTS of things have been set into motion & you noticed all of them šŸ™‚

      Tad and Marci are growing ever closer so I wanted to show their transition from casual dating to committed.

      May is a pretty Sim and I’m sure Ice will grow even more handsome than he is now!

      Ice always looks so serious when I snap a picture so I am wanting to find ways to lighten his mood and humor is a fun way to do it.

      Zep is as cute and adorable as ever!

    • Thanks for reading!

      I do too! I enjoy seeing families spending time together & having fun … in-game and out,

      May is a pretty Sim! As soon as I saw her, I must have channeled YOU because I wondered what her babies would look like. LOL

      Yes, it was. Trying to have them do different things on their dates is a challenge because I didn’t add venues like I did for my legacy family. Maybe I should remember to add more lots whenever I start a new story šŸ™‚

    • Twins might be nice but let’s not get ahead of ourselves! May hasn’t met an eligible Sim that makes her heart flutter.

      I added one that will be seen in an upcoming chapter and will need to look around Twinbrook to see what else I should add.

      Your Sims 4 Simmies are lucky to have a great builder such as yourself! I’m a fan of what you’ve made in both 3 and 4, for sure šŸ™‚

    • Thanks for reading!
      Yes, Zep sure is & has stolen many hearts. He is almost L10 in hunting so perhaps I might want to upload him at that point for others to enjoy šŸ™‚

      I agree. May is šŸ™‚
      Hidehi is very talented with builds AND Sims!!

  2. Awe-Sim Chapter!! First of all, how romantic, what Tad tells Marci really shows what wonderful man he is, even though he wants a relationship he gives her the freedom to decide how she really feels, good thing she feels the same way!

    Awwe, Zep looks so cute lying on the easy chair dreaming of fish..

    May is coming of age beautifully and yes she does have lots of life changing decisions to make..

    I guess Ice is more serious, but he does what he can to help his dad by chatting with the neighbor and providing the music.. Both him and May are very good looking!

    • Thanks! Glad you liked it.

      I enjoy reading romance novels and the words for Tad just flowed when I started writing them. Easy to see him being the type of man who loves deeply and wants the same in return.

      May is a beautiful Sim and I’d like to find a partner for her. I want to see what Tad’s grandbabies would look like!

      Ice’s personality might shine more if I can figure out what to do with him, lol

      Zep is a scene stealer for sure! ā™”

    • I like that one also šŸ™‚

      Thank you very much! As you know (since we’ve discussed this before), when a character or family resonates, the writing clearly reflects it.

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