TIN Steps Day 23

Today is a special for the Pole family!

Since it’s too early to head to City Hall, May checks the mail while Ice is getting breakfast ready. Among the bills is a letter and a package for Tad.

With a big smile on his face, Tad hangs the picture in a spot where he’ll see it each day and calls Marci to thank her.

May is smiling too. A friend texts to let her know the senior pranks are a hit with the underclassmen. The staff … not so much!

May keeps this bit of news to herself because she’s sure her dad wouldn’t approve and besides, Ice needs to come up with his own idea when it’s his turn!

As soon as the breakfast dishes are done, they dress and are ready to go.

May immediately jumps behind the wheel of Key Lime so Tad slides onto the passenger seat with a chuckle.

A/N: Not sure why game mechanics had Ice join them in a two-seater truck but I’m pretending he’s drove Big Lemon to meet them there

“Is my sash even? Tassel hanging right? I want to look my best in front of classmates and teachers since the alumni photographer will be taking pictures of all of us for the school archive!”

“Relax, May, you look great. Your brother, on the other hand, needs to tuck in his shirt!”

A few hours later …

Tad smiled so much his cheeks hurt. May kept a big secret from them that was revealed when she stepped up to the podium to give her Valedictorian speech.

In her speech, May thanks her dad for his love and support which helped make this moment possible. There wasn’t a dry eye in the family (and throughout the room) after she thanks her mom for being there in spirit, watching over her and giving nudges from above.

She also speaks of memories that made classmates and teachers laugh as she wishes them all success in their future endeavors.

Last but not least, she offers a few tips to the underclassmen for making their high school memorable. Things like “listen to the lectures and take good notes (you’ll find test answers there)”, “write EVERYTHING down in your planner!” (you don’t want to forget an important deadline)” and “your opinion matters but so do those of your friends, especially when they don’t agree with you.” The room erupted with laughter when she grinned at Ice with that last one.

Congratulations, May!

A/N: Three seniors graduated with May: High school sweethearts, Bunny Curious and Tay Bayless (Bunny with a BIG smile as she also shows off her engagement ring!) and Thomas Castor (voted the school’s “Don Lothario” because of his revolving door where girls are concerned even when going steady with someone!)

After the ceremony, Tad and Ice offer their congratulations as well as presents.

Ice asks if he can go first and pulls his guitar from the ever-present case when Tad nods his permission. It’s a short song full of sibling love and teasing, making them laugh out loud.

Then it is Tad’s turn. He tells May how proud he is to be her dad and shares some memories that include Bean because without his dear, departed wife this moment would not have been possible.

“Whatever you decide to do, know you are loved and supported!”, Tad says as he gives her the camera that belonged to her mother. “Continue making beautiful memories that perhaps can be shared with your own family some day!”

Since they are still full from breakfast, they decide to go out for a celebratory dinner later. May smiles and says, “Good. I have a few things I need to do before I join you, if that’s okay?”

“It’s your day, May, so enjoy it with your friends and we’ll see you later.”

May heads home to change clothes.

She then takes the college aptitude test and is pleased with her results so decides once is good enough.

A/N: Her major gets decided based on her test results

May then heads to the local college and enrolls.

She will be pursuing a Technology degree and signs up for three classes.

May is encouraged to tour the campus and given the basics on how to use the lab equipment.

Eager May jumps right in and asks Julienne Keane (nee Knack) to be her first test subject.

Julienne is pleased with her results and gives May a hug which was a surprise since they haven’t been formally introduced yet.

They spend a few minutes getting to know each other before parting ways.

May heads home to give Zep a good brushing followed by food before the family heads out for their own meal.

Le Bistro is as busy as ever!

While they are inside enjoying a celebratory dinner, things are happening outside the restaurant too.

Dilly Buster (nee Pidgin) passes due to old age and is sure to be missed by her family and friends.

A/N: I fully expected their dinner to be interrupted by this event and was surprised (but glad) when it wasn’t

It’s getting late. Time for the Pole family to head home and call it a night.

May will have plenty to dream about, I’m sure!

Zep briefly wakes when the family walks in the door but looks ready to go right back out … either on the comfy chair or at the foot of Ice’s bed.

As for Tad …

He’s settling down when his cellphone rings. It’s Marci, missing him and wanting to know if they can get together.

“What time is it?”, asks a sleepy Tad.

“Let me check. … Oh, dear! It’s just after midnight. Where did the day go? I am so sorry to be calling this late … let’s plan to get together another time.”, Marci apologizes again before ending the call.

Content Credits
* Home World Uni by lewisb40: https://modthesims.info/d/500854/university-for-your-home-world.html
* Uni Rabbit Hole Rugs by Misty: http://simsl3gacies.com/downloads/
* Nraas Careers Mod: https://www.nraas.net/community/Careers

A/N: I watched a tutorial video showing how to do this and look forward to trying it out!

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16 thoughts on “TIN Steps Day 23

  1. Congrats on graduation May super awesome. Awesomeness getting away with the prank May!! I love the little thought she had about Ice coming up with his on.. Its like 8 sims and they all hop into one taxi to head somewhere, you gotta love the irony in it.. May looks great in her cap and grown, Ice looks as though he can’t wait for his to be there and over, and a very proud father standing at her side! From what I read in that speech she is going go to awesome heights in the sim world, her adventures will be unlimited! I can see May going other ways than her other classmates went, but hey congrats to them also!! That was awesome of Ice to play her a song. Okay that was super awesome Tad gave her her moms camera, getting me all teary eyed here! Woot Woot May I knew you were going places, congrats on entering collage!! Wow those are some nice scores! Making the community safe is right up her alley, great career and will take her many places! She has an awesome head on her shoulders, and some full days of studying on her hands! Oh my I’m sure I’ve seen that sim somewhere before :D! Its sad about Dilly Buster, glad they still enjoyed their dinner. Wow Marci is really missing Tad to call so late! Oh I must be in the know on the career mod Addy please tell all! Thanks for sharing Addy I really enjoyed reading..

  2. Very heart warming chapter!! Wow Valedictorian! May’s speech was very inspired, I like the advice she gives to her classmates.. A camera that use to belong to her mom is a wonderful gift!

    As to the whole family fitting in a two seater truck, I have seen that whole households of Sims ride in two seater sports car, LOL, I guess, it’s for the same reason cars and boats fit in in your sim’s pocket..

    That’s great that May was able to visit the university campus with having to actually start classes and enjoy a celebration dinner.. Excellent career choice!

    Last but not least, it looks like sparks are flying for both Tad and Marci..

    • Thanks!

      Since May made Valedictorian, I figured I should have her do a speech. It was fun giving her a camera from mom but now I have to decide what can be given to Ice when it’s his turn, lol

      Because I have a bit before Ice ages up (officially the end of the challenge), I had to decide what to do with May. The idea of UNI at home came to me over the weekend and I hunted out how to do this.

      Sparks are flying between the two of them and ideas are percolating, lol

      • That is my understanding 🙂

        All it took was a mod (Nraas Careers), some custom content (UNI rabbit hole rugs) and a build (grabbed the one that I saw in a video).

        May successfully enrolled and has a class schedule. Since she enrolled on Monday, I have to wait until Wednesday to see how this pans out play-wise. Wish us luck!!

    • Thanks! ♡
      Gotta “love” auto-correct … my phone does some doozies when I’m texting my daughter. LOL

      I do too! Am in-game now … watching Sims sleep (on fast mode). “Thrilling” … heehee

    • To answer the first part: Who knows?! I wonder if May will have any keg parties to attend since this UNI doesn’t have dorms.

      Yes, they are 🙂 It’s been fun watching each “blossom” while I play since I didn’t have a predetermined plan of what to do other than keep a roof over their heads and food on the table, lol

    • Funny how they don’t, hunh?! I can’t imagine whyever not. /sarcasm

      Yes, she is! It was mostly done as a way for me to extend the story further since I love playing this family!

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