TIN Steps Day 24

Zep is often on the minds of his family. Whether it’s because he is simply adorable or they want to paint his likeness depends upon the Sim.

Zep doesn’t mind the attention. He gets plenty of love and his bowl of kibble is kept filled.

As soon as he finishes eating, Zep goes fishing.

Tad would be dismayed to learn how close a crocodile is to their house. Alligators in sewers are nothing compared to a crocodile living 10 feet from one’s own backyard!

An hour or two later, Zep is back inside for a well-earned break.

Besides the crocodile, he landed a mighty haul and is quite the fisher cat!

Ice heads to high school and May starts reading her college textbook. Both are determined to pass with flying colors!

Tad paints a brilliant quality painting and laughs at where his inspiration led him.

Tad decides to put a few of the fish in the fridge and sell most of the others.

The robot fish is intriguing so he opts to keep it. Tad isn’t sure what type of diet it prefers but offers it the dried flakes the guy at the pet shop said contains all the nutrients it would need.

“Thank you, Zep. Your fishing brings in a tidy income.” pets Zep on the head

Please remember that the little guy in the fish bowl is a friend, not food!”

May joins dad for lunch and they talk about her school schedule. She knows there isn’t room for a third car so wants to discuss how the three of them can share two vehicles without leaving anyone stranded or waiting to be picked up.

“That won’t be a problem.”, her dad assures her and has her look outside.

“OH!!! Is that for me? Thanks, dad!”

May gives her dad a big hug, thanking him for everything he has done and continues to do for both her and Ice.

“Do you know what you’re going to name it?”

It doesn’t take May long as all to figure out a name. Mandarin Orange. She excitedly exclaims that she can’t wait to take Mandie for a spin.

May isn’t the only one getting a special treat today.

Zep thinks the chair is comfy but this is an acceptable place to survey one’s kingdom … keep claws sharpened … and nap …

That afternoon …

Tad appreciates having two children who don’t procrastinate when it comes to their studies.

As soon as Ice is done, Tad joins them at the table.

He asks about their day and congratulates Ice for being on the honor roll. He also listens to what they have to say before bringing up something that has been on his mind for a while now.

He lets them know how he feels about Marci and wants to know their opinions as well. What a relief it is to know both May and Ice like Marci!

“How would you feel about her becoming a part of our family? My wanting to marry her doesn’t mean she would replace your mom because nobody will ever do that, but she could be an additional person to love and support you as you continue navigating the waters called life. I’m sure her perspective on things will add even more food for thought and be helpful to all of us.”

It’s an even bigger relief knowing they support his decision and want to know when he plans on asking her to be his wife.

“I’m thinking about doing it on Love Day at the festival because …”

“No, dad. Ask her before then and marry her AT the festival!”, Ice surprises the others with his enthusiasm. He excitedly claps his hands and starts talking about how memorable the holiday would be … only to have May drily point out that Marci needs to say yes, first.

Tad isn’t sure where he wants to pop the question but after a few minutes of him and Ice bouncing ideas around, May takes charge.

“Dad, you need to go shower and put on something other than paint-splattered clothes. Ice and I will continue brainstorming down here.”

As soon as he heads upstairs, May turns to her brother and fills him in on her plan. He likes it. A lot.

May places the call that will set things in motion after moving to a room where her dad won’t overhear her.

“Hello, Marci. It’s nice to see you again! Please come inside.”

May leads the topic of choice with input from Ice.

They want to know how Marci feels about their dad and what kind of role she would expect to take should they decide to marry.

Marci makes sure to make eye contact with both of them while she answers.

“I love your dad and can easily see myself spending the rest of my life by his side. Whether as girlfriend or wife, I have no intention of replacing your mom but hope we three can grow even closer than we are now.

Friends show love and support through good times as well as when things aren’t so good. I want that. I also want to be there for the two of you in whatever capacity you want me to be. Friend. Step-mom. Both.”

The three of them sit down and continue their conversation and it isn’t long before they hear Tad’s footsteps on the stairs.

“What’s going on here?”, Tad asks as he looks at them with a slightly surprised look on his face.

May stands up, letting him know she and Ice are going to step outside and play catch while the two “adults” talk about a few things.

“Why are we outside where it is dark and somewhat chilly? Throwing a frisbee is not really our thing.”, Ice asks.

“It’s so they can be alone in order for dad to pop the question!”, replies May after giving a sigh that seemed to indicate he was being thick again.

“We could have gone upstairs where the TV, laptops and our bedrooms are. Plenty to do and easy to keep ourselves out of their way while being in a nice, warm room.”, Ice grumbles.

Meanwhile …

Tad asks Marci about the conversation he briefly overheard while heading downstairs.

She lets him know they questioned her motives but before he can overreact, she holds his hands with a smile and tells him how lucky he is to have such caring children. Children who love and want him to be happy. Children willing to help make that happen.

She also briefly tells him what she said to them and that is when Tad’s smile grows bigger …

… and he gets down on one knee …

“Marci, love, will you make me happier than I already am and do me the honor of being my wife?”


As they hug, Marci says they can share their good news with May and Ice.

“They’ve already headed upstairs so we can tell them tomorrow.”, Tad says with a smile before gently grabbing hold of her hand and quietly leads her upstairs.

Later that night …

May dreams of school while Ice dreams of music. Zep wouldn’t surprise anyone with his dreams of fish-flavored treats.

Tad and Marci’s dreams are filled with love for each other and excitement over their upcoming nuptials.

Good night. Pleasant dreams.

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10 thoughts on “TIN Steps Day 24

    • Thanks! I figured since Tad’s kids grew up without a mother, they would want a say in whether one steps on board now or not.

      Yes, Zep is. The income he earns from fishing is a big help! I was surprised when he caught a crocodile and WA fish in the swamps of Twinbrook. For all we know, there could be some kind of Loch Ness monster there, lol

  1. Wonderful Chapter!! I see that their home may be somewhere in the South, possibly Florida, I have seen photos in the news paper of alligators that have gotten into people kitchens, I have heard stories of alligators in the lakes near people’s condos here in SW Florida..

    Zep is one amazing fisher cat to be able to overpower an alligator, and catch a whole lot of other fish besides! Even better, the fish he brings home add to their income! I wish I had a cat like that..

    How sweet! Tad and Marci will finally tie the knot! May and Ice always liked Marci, Ice even provided music once.. I agree with Ice, May could have chosen a warm room to wait in.. Even if it was cold it was well worth it..

    Tad is a very thoughtful dad, getting a Marci the mandarin orange scooter shows he was already thinking of his daughter.. Enjoying the story very much, looking forward to the wedding..

    • Thanks! ♡
      Their home could very well be in Florida but I think it’s meant to be Louisiana. I could be wrong though.

      Our cat brings stuff home all the time … could you imagine how much income she would make IF we could sell from inventory?!

      We know someone who recently asked his fiance’s daughter permission to ask her mom to marry him and I wanted to do something like that with this family. 🙂

      I agree. Having to raise kids in reduced circumstances like this while dealing with grief and loss of home would test our limits in ways we hadn’t imagined … Tad is an example to us all.

      Am sure the wedding will be as lovely as the rest of their romance. {fingers crossed}

  2. Zep is such a trooper and always knows what to do, I knew that fishing was going to pay off for him! I love the painting of the pigs! Oh Zep may not have to wonder far for fish if Tad keeps bringing them home and putting them in a bowl :)! Okay Tad you have over done it now, what a nice looking scooter for May she will love being free from all the car pooling, super awesome gift! Love the name she picked!! Super nice kitty tower Tad is going all out!! Tad is a super awesome dad for sure! Yay its becoming official. Oh what a super idea Ice has! Oh that May what a surprise she has opened up the timing perfect for him to ask her and they all will be there when he does it! Congrats Tad and Marci! Super wonderful catching up with them again Addy! Thank you for sharing with us, this story keeps getting better and better with each chapter you write!

    • Thank you! ♡

      You might be right! I keep catching Zep watching the fish, lol

      Tad is a giving person and does the best he can with the amount of money they have to work with. I figured a teen and a college-age bickering over using the car would get old. The “old man” car suits Ice better than May, hee hee

      Glad you liked how the engagement scenario unfolded. It was fun to do!

      Oh my! Thank you very much for your compliment. I enjoy playing this family and look forward to seeing what happens next with them!

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