TIN Steps Day 6

Ice’s cries are more effective than an alarm clock! However, since he’s too young to tell time, he wakes the others earlier than they would like.

May quickly gets ready so she can grab a few more Zzzs before catching the school bus.

Tad tries to make breakfast while May sleeps.
“Try? More like fail!”, he thinks. “Bean made this look so easy. I wonder where I went wrong. Is the heat too high? Did I cook them too long on each side?”

“It’s a shame we’re going to have to eat this mess but we can’t afford to waste food.”

Cooking might not be his forte but Tad is feeling mighty proud of how the shack is shaping up. Who knew that flowers and small critters could be worth so much?4

Having a full bathroom, inside their house, is not something he will ever take for granted again!

The outside is also looking better.5

Tad can’t wait to show May her new bicycle! No more borrowing a loaner from the school.

His garden is doing well and he hopes his children will show an interest in learning how to grow their own food because … you never know what the future might hold.

With Juan’s help (and tools!), Tad carves Connor’s name and information on the wheel and places it as a marker for where he passed. He hopes to find a nice flower planter to go there as well.

After seeing May off to school, Tad follows her example in grabbing a little shuteye before getting started on his to-do list.

Later that day …

May is asked to stay after school and clean the bug cage in the science classroom. Not a favorite thing to do but the extra credit points are worth it! Afterward, she goes on a collection run before heading home.

Back at the house …

Tad thinks he’s getting better at his “style” of painting.

Addy’s Note: Since the rest of their day proceeds like usual, we’ll stop here.

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6 thoughts on “TIN Steps Day 6

  1. Tad might not be the best cook, but he sure did a fantastic job in building an indoor bathroom and getting a bicycle for his daughter was very thoughtful! The house is looking more and more lovely! Ice is still too little to tell time, sometimes toddlers make the best alarm clocks, LOL!! Great chapter!

    • Thank YOU! Glad you enjoyed this chapter.

      Their home is coming along nicely! While it would be nice to have another bedroom or sleeping alcove for Ice, an indoor bathroom was more of a priority at this time.

      May deserved something nice and a bicycle is terrific gift … it gives her some freedom and lets her know Tad trusts her.

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