TIN Steps Day 7

“What the SIM is this supposed to be?”

Tad thinks … no, he knows he’s been spending too much time reading toddler books!

May wakes and quickly does her chores before scooting out the door.

“Bye Dad!”
It’s Saturday! Time to take her new bike out for a spin!

It looks like it is going to be a beautiful day and May fully intends to enjoy every moment of it!

She stops and sniffs various wildflowers before carefully gathering them up into small bouquets (§1,000), finds a couple of nice rocks (Moonstone §620 & Diamond §159) and this lovely Cockatoo (§16).

Time for a quick stop at the Consignment Shop and Science Center.

Meanwhile …

Tad takes a break from reading and teaches Ice how to use the peg box.

Later that day …

May quickly gathers the red rock and heads back to town. This place gives her the creeps!

Addy’s Note: May has the Scavenger Hunt opportunity for collecting metals and I am taking full advantage of it since moonstones are quite lucrative!

The day ends with all of them snug as a bug in a rug.

They’re tired and big changes are coming soon!

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10 thoughts on “TIN Steps Day 7

  1. Beautiful! Love the screenshot of the rainbow over the town! May has become the best collector ever, and Tad’s painting would look cute in a child’s room..

    • I agree 🙂 Am so glad I saw the rainbow and managed to capture a decent picture of it.

      The opportunity for collecting gems/metals as well as the one for beetles are two money makers! I typically collect and sell as much as possible … then complete the quest right before they age up because the quest will disappear at that time.

      I agree that it would look cute in a kid’s room but Tad didn’t paint this. May did.

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