TIN Steps Day 8

May wakes early and checks out the tree house while she waits for curfew to lift.

A little later, Ice and Tad are ready to start their day.
Tad thinks he’s really capturing the essence of blurred lines now.

May collects another gem and decides to turn in the lesser valued pieces so she can be done with the scavenger hunt.

The reason is evident when one glances back at home.

May arrives home and wonders if they have a guest.

She heads inside to ask her dad and a pleasant surprise awaits her.
Happy Birthday, May!

Tad lets her know the car is theirs but its too late to begin lessons tonight.
May takes out some of her frustration on the broken sink.

Tad merely smiles before encouraging her to head upstairs for her other birthday surprise. He’ll fix the sink since it’s her birthday but will show her how to do it herself next time.

The doorbell rings but he opts to pass on answering since he’s a bit busy at the moment.

May is speechless. Her room is private, quiet and has her favorite color … it’s perfect!

For the time being, Ice will bunk with Tad. His room is still very much a work-in-progress but Tad felt May needed a fully furnished room more than he did.

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14 thoughts on “TIN Steps Day 8

  1. Awww … May turned into quite a pretty teenager and she definitely deserves a space of her own. I am so glad to see that you are enjoying the Pole family again … I absolutely love reading your story, thank you so much for sharing!!! 😀 x

    • Why, thank YOU! Your kind words made me smile.

      I agree, May is a lovely teen and I look forward to seeing her as a YA. In my mind, the kids take after their mom (blond hair) so I pretend their features are too.

  2. Lovely! May is a gorgeous teenager and her room is beautiful! Tad is an amazing dad, giving his daughter a wonderful surprise! Soon Ice will be a child and Tad will have another helper..

    • Yes, she is! I’m sure she will be as lovely when she becomes a YA.

      Her room turned out well although I wondered if I went overboard with color because of limiting my palette like I did.

      Tad does the best he can. He’s not perfect but his heart is in the right place! I figured it would make more sense for him to furnish a room for her than do his.

      Yes! Am looking forward to Ice being a child and being able to do things, too.

  3. I love the colors you chose for May’s room! I don’t know what your original color palette was, but I really love the way the house turning out!

    • Thank you! May’s favorite color is turquoise so I used an online site to come up with color choices other than my usual route of turquoise – blues – greens.

      I am loving the way it’s turning out, too!

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