TIN Steps Day 9

May is so focused on catching the beetle, she barely notices the school bus.
She runs to the road and climbs in, hunkering down in the back seat of the taxi.

“Riding the bus is something children do”, May grumbles to herself.

Ever since the path was cleared, mail gets put in the box and not thrown on the ground.

As May rushes toward the gray brick building, she notices a Sim waiting by the doors.

“Oh look … more stuff being dragged in from the swamp”, Lolly sneers.

Tad wishes Bean were here to see how big their kids have gotten.
May is in high school and Ice will start school soon.

The garden is readying itself for winter.

Jade Greenwood comes home with May after school and they discuss favorite books before starting on homework. Jade tells her to ignore Lolly and stay away from her brother, Shark, because both are trouble and have been for as long as she’s known them.

“Ladies, you finished just in time to celebrate another special moment in the Pole family.”

Happy Birthday, Ice!

Such a serious face on one so young. Perhaps he’s wondering if he can get away with eating two slices of cake since it is his birthday after all.

Tad calls Juan and lets him know there is a slice of cake with his name on it.

Ice is a chip off the old block and Tad smiles as soon as he sees the finished artwork.

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13 thoughts on “TIN Steps Day 9

    • Thanks for reading, dear Bree.
      You might not have caught the play on words but since their last name is Pole, you have Tad Pole … May Pole … Ice Pole because Hidehi was having fun. Zeppole is an Italian pastry and I thought it continued the Pole names nicely.

  1. I guess Lolly has the snob trait, although Jade is right Lolly and her brother, Shark are not very nice.. Ice is now older and hopefully less serious, he’s cute either way.. Tad has less to worry about now that May and Ice are older..

    • No, Lolly doesn’t have the snob trait but her family is well-to-do and so she’s probably a bit spoiled as a result. The Racket family is mostly made up of career criminals so I imagine these two would have a different view of others because of their upbringing.

      Ice is a cute kid and his serious expression made me briefly wonder if he knew more about their loss than I would have thought he did. Am hoping there will be plenty to make him smile!

      Yes. Things will be a bit easier with May and Ice going to school as well as Ice being able to pitch in around the place.

  2. Thanks for explaining why Lolly is not friendly to May.. I have to check the Sims wiki more.. There is still a lot I don’t know about the different characters in the game.. I hardly know the NPC’s..

    • You’re welcome. Whenever a townie Sim catches my eye with the way they look/act, I peek at the wiki to see what kind of Sim they are and see if it fits with the story I’m writing.

      I usually focus on my household and forget to do stuff with other Sims so am trying to work on changing that.

    • I’m sure mail carriers would appreciate having safe, clear passages to mailboxes. I’ve seen ours have to move garbage bins in order to deliver mail.

      Oh my! You didn’t really care for Lolly, hmmm

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