TIN Steps Day 26

In the wee hours of the morning, Zep goes fishing.

His skill at finding things in the swamp has just gotten easier. Congratulations, Zep!

A little later …

Marci is the first one awake. Excited because TODAY is Love Day, she checks the weather report.

Not quite what she was hoping for.

Tad joins her downstairs to discuss whether they need to change the day’s plans or not.

In the end, they decide to go with the original plans. Being together is what matters most!

As soon as the kids join them, Tad and Marci congratulate Ice on being crowned Prom King. Ice blushes and thanks them.

May teases her brother, “Your picture looks like you’re already telling your loyal subjects (classmates!) what to do.”

To stop the teasing from getting out of hand, Tad hustles everybody out to the car so they can enjoy breakfast before the festival opens.

After breakfast, they check their list before jumping back in the car.

First up is gathering flowers and perhaps a few eggs while they’re at it.

No eggs but several collected tickets for their efforts.

Tad and Marci can’t resist trying their luck with the Love Inspector.

The result is exactly what they thought it would be!

Flowers, check. Next up is music.

Followed by …

The exchanging of vows and rings. Congratulations, Tad and Marci Pole!

The wedding pictures looks great as do the flowers that made up Marci’s bouquet.

The whole family has fun dancing together.

Perhaps Ice will win the crown of Spring King, too!

As the day winds down, the family packs up to leave the festival.

May tells the others she’ll meet them at home because she has something she wants to do first …

The kiss is nice (nothing special) which makes May realize that without a connection of some sort, a kiss is just a kiss.

Back at home …

Ice chats with Keri while May does the dinner dishes. Since Ice cooked, she felt it was only fair to do the washing up.

The newlyweds admire their wedding pictures for a few minutes before Tad sweeps Marci off her feet with a kiss full of love.

This is a good place to stop.

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10 thoughts on “TIN Steps Day 26

  1. Congrats Zep and that is a super awesome achievement. Maybe the sky’s will clear for Marci and she will have a delightful day. That is a striking pose Ice is making there, I didn’t pay attention to it before! Well isn’t that nice that Tad takes them all out to eat breakfast, they are such a lovely family. Oh egg hunting, I loved that day when my sim played it, bet it would be even more beautiful with a house full of little ones to hunt them, hint hint to Tad and Marci.. Well wasn’t that sweet, they taught the love inspector something. Congrats on the beautiful and lovely marriage, that was super awesome having it at the festival. Oh what is May up too? May and Ice are super wonderful brother and sister! I love the wedding pictures they are adorable. I really enjoyed reading this chapter dear Addy, Thank you for sharing with us!

    • Thanks, dear!

      The day is all about Tad & Marci but I wanted to share snippets from the rest of the family too. πŸ™‚

      So happy Zep maxed the Hunting skill. I might have him seek out non-fish critters from here on out.

      Am sure you know this: There are various poses and backgrounds for the dance pictures. I’ve had siblings go to the same dance and come home with different background images, lol

      I agree, it is fun watching little ones hunt for eggs. Am sure Tad & Marci will add to the family sooner or later. πŸ˜‰

      As soon as I saw that floral pole, I knew it was where I wanted them to marry. Am glad the fog dissipated while they ate breakfast so the pictures would look better.

      May doesn’t have a sweetheart but I wanted her to get a kiss on the holiday itself.

      Yes, they are pretty good kiddos. And it won’t be long now before Ice ages up & graduates from high school. Looking forward to it!

  2. Enjoyed the chapter, what a lovely way to celebrate their special day!
    First of all, Zep can no hunt down even larger alligators, and who knows what else he can bring home, Tad appreciates the extra income..
    Good thing Tad and Marci didn’t let the weather stop them, it was a lovely wedding and the photos turned out really nice!
    I wonder if they will want to have a child of their own..

    • Thanks, dear!

      Zep the fearless shall bring home many presents for his lucky Sims. =^.^=

      It was a lovely setting for a wedding! With love and common sense, these two could have made a memorable moment anywhere.

      I’m sure they will. In time.

    • I agree. You never know what the Love Inspector result is going to be but thankfully, my couples usually get a good result.

      Thanks! They’re such a cute couple.

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