TIN Steps

Day 12: Today is Spooky Day so Tad takes time to enjoy the holiday with his family.
Will the day bring more treats than tricks? Read to find out!

TIN Steps

May has been waiting for Day 8 to arrive and now that it has, hopefully it’s what she imagined/expected/wanted.

TIN Steps

Playing the One Tomato Challenge reminded me of how much I enjoy playing Sims 3.
It also reminded me that I have unfinished stories.

During the last gift exchange, Hidehi’s gifts sparked my interest and a story developed but was left in limbo (I am so sorry!) until this past weekend when … I discovered an unpublished chapter.

Without further ado, let’s peek in on the Pole family during Day 7.
If you need to refresh your memory, a link to the list of chapters is found under Renovacy on the menu bar.

Thanks for being patient!

Tomato, tomahto

Ella’s official story draws to a conclusion with a double header.
Week 9

Her story might end here but this life filled with love and family continues in my game and … perhaps, yours too.