TIN Steps

May has been waiting for Day 8 to arrive and now that it has, hopefully it’s what she imagined/expected/wanted.

TIN Steps

Playing the One Tomato Challenge reminded me of how much I enjoy playing Sims 3.
It also reminded me that I have unfinished stories.

During the last gift exchange, Hidehi’s gifts sparked my interest and a story developed but was left in limbo (I am so sorry!) until this past weekend when … I discovered an unpublished chapter.

Without further ado, let’s peek in on the Pole family during Day 7.
If you need to refresh your memory, a link to the list of chapters is found under Renovacy on the menu bar.

Thanks for being patient!

Tomato, tomahto

Ella’s official story draws to a conclusion with a double header.
Week 9

Her story might end here but this life filled with love and family continues in my game and … perhaps, yours too.

NEW Challenge!

SamelaRita created a fun challenge (One Tomato) for the Sims 3 SIMversary.
Please follow Ella Ashburn (created by SR) and me as we give this a go!
Day 1

The index of chapters can be found under the Other Stories menu tab