TIN Steps Day 10

May rides the school bus so she can teach Ice the dos and don’ts, hoping his first day of school will go well.

Their home is no longer an eyesore or embarrassment so she also encourages him to make a friend or two that can be invited over.

There is enough seating for doing homework together or enjoying a snack.

That afternoon, Tad has time to offer another driving lesson.

Ice arrives home to an empty house and immediately starts working on his homework. He finishes right as Tad and May arrive home.

Ice teaches himself how to bake blueberry muffins and is pleased none are burnt.

Tad gets an idea for a painting and focuses on it until he finishes.
May wonders where Ice found the creepy looking doll.

She also wonders where her dad met someone and if this is serious or not.

A little later …

Tad finishes dinner and wonders why nobody bothered to clean the sink.
Three perfectly capable Sims live and eat here!

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10 thoughts on “TIN Steps Day 10

  1. Those imaginary friend dolls are creepy indeed! Tad is right, May and Ice should pitch in with cleaning up after themselves! The house looks wonderful, it’s great that it now has an upstairs and more space for everyone.. I wonder if Tad may have found someone..

    • Right?! I have never been a fan of those dolls. I did bring one to life in another story and admit, they make attractive Sims with unique coloring.

      Eventually, they will sort out chores and who is responsible for what.

      The house is really coming along! Early on, I graphed how I wanted rooms to go and decided order of preference for getting the house done which is always a big help for me! I have a difficult time building on the fly, lol

      Time will tell if Tad has. 😉

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