Ella: Week 9


One cooks and the other does dishes. Both benefit from this chore sharing.

Ella and Hugh are snuggled in bed while wedding dreams dance around each head.

Holly Greenwood encourages her friend to have a bachelorette party.
A/N: I usually don’t host these but thought it would be fun for Ella

Holly toasts the bride-to-be and then sprays her with fizzy nectar.

The girls chipped in and hired a party dancer.
Ella thinks some of her friends might pretend to need rescuing.
A/N: I saw Pattina Knack thought bubble and wondered what it meant because it made me think of licking off honey, lol

Pattina doesn’t like the party crasher hogging the dancer during the after party.

Dilly Pidgin and Walter Closet danced and chatted for hours. It must have been instant attraction for both of them. Sorry, Pattina … better luck next time!

While the after party is going on, Ella puts away the pizza that nobody ate and heads to bed. She quietly slips between the covers so as to not disturb her sleeping man.

The girls continue to dance, spray each other with fizzy nectar and … crash when they can no longer keep their eyes open!

A tired bride-to-be quietly eats breakfast the next morning. Hugh smiles to himself because he woke in the wee hours and knows his lovely lady remained faithful.

A few days later …
it’s time for the bachelor party!

Hugh looks handsome in a vest and top hat!

He hopes his friends will join in the dancing instead of watching him make a fool of himself. Or would the fool be Ree Treave dancing in the kitchen all by himself?

Hugh’s friends hired a party dancer who is blond like his lovely bride-to-be. He wonders if Ella would consider wearing an outfit like this and dance for him.

“Hugh, are you blushing?!” teases his friends.

He hopes he doesn’t regret not asking Sinbad Rotter to leave.

DeAndre gathers everybody around so he can offer a toast to his good friend and then proceeds to spray Hugh with fizzy nectar.

The after party begins and Hugh can tell things are going to be wild.

Dudley Racket cuts in when Goodwin was dancing with Barb but nobody seems to mind this changing of partners. Whew!

Hugh slips upstairs and quietly watches Ella while she sleeps. Barb is pretty but there is only one lady he wants by his side morning and night.

Downstairs, there is a dance off followed by a fight.

Sinbad acts like this will impress Barb but she seems too scared to say no to a dance. Walter thinks Sinbad should just go home.

Soon after, Dudley crashes upstairs and the rest head home.

Unlike Walter forming a connection with Dilly, Barb danced with several Sims without showing preference to any.

The next morning, Hugh pulls his cap lower and seems focused on making sure his meal makes it to his mouth. Ella knows how he must feel so quietly eats her meal next to him.

They talk about important things (like their upcoming wedding and raising a family) during dinner.

A couple of days later …

Early morning at the Community Garden is calm and peaceful. Birds are flying in the air and the sun is slowing rising in the sky.

It’s the perfect spot for a private wedding!

Hugh and Ella share handwritten vows, exchange rings and seal their commitment to each other with a kiss.

Congratulations, Mr and Mrs Hugh Sullivan!

Wedding gifts are given before they leave this lovely setting.

They enjoy a wedding breakfast, admire their photos and enjoy their first dance as a married couple.

With a gleam in his eye, Hugh hangs a Do Not Disturb sign on their front door and those with good hearing can’t help but smile at the sound of Ella laughing while Hugh gives chase.

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12 thoughts on “Ella: Week 9

  1. How I miss the bachelor and bacherorette parties in Sims 4! So funny! And I do miss the limousine that carried the just married couple to their Honey Moon travel in Sims 2 as well.
    The wedding in the communitary graden looks perfect and beautiful ♥
    Congrats to the lovely couple!

    • A limo for the newlyweds is a nice idea. Wish we had that in Sims 3 and 4! Bachelor/Bachelorette parties would be nice, too.

      Thank you 😀
      I wanted them to have a wedding that fit their personalities and since both are frugal … a free wedding is perfect, lol

    • I agree, Lu. Sinbad is rotten to the core and should not have been allowed to stay. Hugh had an opportunity via work to become best friends with him … they made it to good friends before this party where I realized the ends didn’t justify the means.

      The wedding was everything I wanted it to be and am pleased with how well the pictures turned out.

      Thank you! They are very happy and deeply in love. How lucky she found a faithful Sim to partner!

    • Thanks 🙂
      Not sure why but the game had Sinbad change out of his party attire into his swimsuit … or perhaps those are boxers. I guess this is the Sims version of boys gone wild {shrugs}

  2. Those bachelor, bachelorette parties are something else! I like how Dudley changed from the aloof and unhospitable picnic giver to party animal, LOL!! Beautiful wedding! Great chapter!!

    • They sure are! I usually don’t bother with these parties but Ella and Hugh both rolled wishes to have them so I thought it was a sign.

      Dudley looked mighty handsome in his suit and cowboy hat!

      I thought the wedding was pretty, too.

      Thank you 🙂

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