Ella: Week 8


While working in her garden, Ella sees a sight that makes her laugh.
The wild horse and small dog look as if they’re racing.

Carrie Post throws the mail on the ground.
Could she be upset because nobody send her sweet notes like this one?

Ella tells Hugh how much he means to her face-to-face instead of via letter.

One thing leads to another and she asks him to spend the night.

Imagine her surprise when she wakes and discovers he never joined her.

Hugh spent the evening changing jobs and practicing chess.
A/N: Before getting the message popup, I thought he was chatting with friends, lol

Ella receives a love letter after he leaves and decides to write back.W8Pic6

Later that day … W8Pic7

Ella steps outside and wonders what those strange lights mean. W8Pic8

This is interesting.

Or not!

Ella returns a few hours later, unhappy with the alien and yawning with exhaustion.

The upstairs is finished so let’s take a peek around.

The master suite includes a private bathroom.

The nursery can be entered from the master bedroom or the kid’s room.

The kid’s room can accommodate two children or one with a friend sleeping over.

The kid bathroom is bright and cheery.

The overview shows how well the rooms fit together.

Ella asks Hugh to move in and is happy he says yes without any hesitation.

During their first night together, Ella dreams of beautiful sunsets while Hugh wants to hear the pitter patter of little feet.
A/N: His family-oriented trait often causes him to show similar thought bubbles but I held off on showing them in the images before now … Hugh is such a family man and I think he will make a great dad

Hopefully both will get their heart’s wishes!

Ella and Hugh go to the Summer Festival on a date.
Plenty of ups and downs since Hugh isn’t as skilled as Ella.

The highlight of their day is when Ella pops the question in front of the fountain.

Ella apologizes for not giving Hugh the opportunity to do the asking but he doesn’t seem to mind and laughs as he pulls a ring box out of his pocket.

“Great minds think alike”, he says with a wink.

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Extra! Extra!

The exterior works well against the natural backdrop and both Sims appreciate the vehicle Ella received from a good friend via in-game gifting.

Download Link: Tomato tomahto

Some MOO used
No store content
Fully play-tested and custard clean
Stove is fireproof, sprinklers are auto-water and everything else is unbreakable

10 thoughts on “Ella: Week 8

  1. The house is super cute. I love the layout ♥
    :O Aliens are always so imopportune!
    Congrats on the engagement!

  2. Oh this is all super exciting dear Addy, Ella catches her man and move in and look forward to life together. The house is darling and well worth the wait. They will have a loving and happy home together always.

    • Thank you! The house turned out really well considering I had no idea what I wanted to build when this all began.

      Ella and Hugh are a lovely couple!! I enjoy playing & writing about their romance.

  3. Ella has come a long way from that day when she only had one tomato! Lovely house, I love the way you decorated the children’s bathroom and bedroom! Looks like Hugh will get his wish and hear the pitter patter of little feet really soon..

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