Ella: Week 7

Summer, Year 2
Week 1

Ella is happy her garden survived the fickle spring weather.

She checks the newspaper each day for coupons. Some are useful, others not so much.

Her thriftiness enables her to buy the basics for the downstairs bathroom.
A/N: The shower was an in-game gift

Ella also purchases a double bed (not pictured).

Her neighbors, the Greenwood family, have a problem.
Ella can’t shoo the pesky critter but picks up their trash can and rubbish after the raccoon runs off.

“Oh my goodness, Hugh!” blush

She decides to write him a love letter, no picture included.

To get to the table, Ella passes through her living room. It’s coming along nicely.
A/N: Purchased lights, alarm system & bookcase because the rest were in-game gifts


She continues to get her meals elsewhere.

It’s nice to know others appreciate a safe home, too.


Hugh’s choice of place leaves much to be desired. Ella almost regrets letting the taxi pull away. She finds him behind an abandoned building and while she appreciates his thriftiness, she quickly invites him back to her place.

A much better location for a date, don’t you think?

Ella is intrigued by this unusual opportunity.
The ability to grow cheese and eggs?! This she has to see!

She plants an egg and a cheese, hoping someone isn’t pulling her leg.

Ella makes salad and happily observes the deer passing by while she eats.
No more destroyed crops, hooray!

As her garden continues to provide abundant bounty, she’s able to add other appliances.
A/N: The stove will be made fireproof and the other items will become unbreakable

Justin invites Ella to his party.
Ella invites Hugh over and asks him go with her.

The house is nice but the party seems to take place in the front yard. Odd. Ella makes a new friend, Anna-Liza (she’s married to DeAndre!), while Hugh’s attention is mainly on his phone.

She invites Hugh back to her place for an after-party “nightcap”.

Another interesting opportunity for Ella.
She receives Chamomile, Ghost Chili and a Death Flower upon completion.

More things to plant.

Oops! Ella should have finished upgrading the sink before eating lunch.

She loves how cheerful her kitchen and dining area is!

The finished bathroom is another cheerful room.

Ella really likes the comfortable space she created in the living room.

The archway opens to a small hallway. The door at the back leads to the backyard and easy access to the garden area. The door on the left leads to the study and not shown is a door on the right that leads to the bathroom.
A/N: The bathroom can be accessed from the hall or the kitchen

The study has enough room for a Sim to be on the computer while another paints.

Here is an overview of the fully furnished ground floor.

The upstairs is currently a large open area with her bed (not shown).

She’s getting closer to being able to have a certain attractive male Sim move in!!

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11 thoughts on “Ella: Week 7

  1. Okay then I never knew you could plant eggs and cheese, and I wish Chad had gotten some Opportunities that gave him seeds and death flowers, Ella is so lucky. I really love her home, she/Addy have made it beautiful..

    • I wish Chad had gotten opportunities too! Eggs & Cheese followed by Burger & Steak are tasks in line for getting an Omni plant.

      Thank you! Ella/I love her home. Looking forward to showing y’all the upstairs!!

  2. Wow!! Ella’s house look amazing! I love the way you decorated it! With lots of hope and one tomato good things can happen!

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