Ella: Finale

Hugh reads the snippet in the Society column out loud regarding their wedding.
The ridiculous rumor made both of them laugh. Six figures, indeed.

A few days later, Ella shares her good news. They are going to have a baby!

Hugh is glad her garden and his job more than meets their needs because they’ll soon have another mouth to feed, child to clothe and care for.

Before they know it … Ella goes into labor and they head to the hospital.


Where is Hugh? Getting the car ready for his wife and son, of course!

Ella is pleased Hugh is enthusiastic about doing his share.

While Ella is putting Jacob to bed, Hugh runs outside to look at some mysterious lights and later regrets having done so.

The birth announcement in the paper is more accurate in its reporting.

Happy Birthday, Jacob!

What an adorable tyke!

Oh my … it looks like Hugh has put on a few pounds.

Eventually, Hugh learns the reason for his unexpected weight gain.

He learns firsthand about the pain his dear wife must have endured but like Ella, realizes it’s all worth it when he holds his baby in his arms for the first time.


A/N: When Ella was pregnant, she rolled a wish for a boy and Hugh rolled one for a girl. Neat how both got their heart’s wish!

Ella and Hugh celebrate the holiday with some festive sparklers.
Next year they plan to enjoy fireworks displays with their kids.

Two toddlers mean twice as much cuteness as well as twice the amount of work.

Ella and Hugh marvel at the difference a few weeks made in their lives.

Like her brother, Astra is a cutie!

Happy Spooky Day from the Sullivan family!

Look who is ready to go to school. Happy Birthday, Jacob!

In less than two years, Ella built a home and filled it with a loving family.

When their children graduate from high school, Ella plans to include a special gift. Because as she has learned, all it takes is one tomato.

Thank you, SamelaRita for creating Ella, her plot of land and the One Tomato Challenge which made this story possible.


previous << Ella >> the story ends here but their love and lives continue!

Download Link: Tomato Lovers

No CAP or CC
Ella was created by SamelaRita
Hugh is an EA game-generated Sim
Jacob and Astra were born in-game

17 thoughts on “Ella: Finale

  1. So Hugh and Ella are Lu´s dad (Jacob) parents! :O
    Congrats on the babies! Although Astra came by accident LOL
    They four are a very lovely family.
    I do loved and enjoyed the whole story, dear ♥

    • LOL
      Astra was a happy surprise 🙂 She also completes this lovely family although … Ella rolled a wish for another child but we’ll see if I let her accept that one or not.

      Thanks for reading! ♥

    • I’ve heard about the Curious family from other SimFriends … makes me want to play Sims 2 and learn to appreciate what others love about that game since I’ve not played it.

  2. Love the ending!! Jacob is going to have to come up with some pretty good explanations as to why his little sister is green.. Life couldn’t be better for all them and it all started with one tomato, a whole lotta of hope and some really good friends!!

  3. You are very welcome!! Thank you for writing a wonderful story!! A lovely read for a peaceful Sunday afternoon!

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