TIN Steps Day 27

After a nice holiday, it’s sometimes difficult to return to the regular routine.

Ice is finishing breakfast when he hears the school bus horn and has to race out the door.

A/N: Sorry, Ice! Instead of letting him drive to school, I waited to see if the bus would come or if it would be missing like the prom limo

Ice isn’t the only one racing around! Zep decides to take a break from fishing and hunts down beetles and birds instead.

Tad likes the color combination but isn’t keen on the overall effect so is glad when there is an interested buyer for it.

He offers to make pancakes for the ladies which works out well as it makes it easier for May to share her news.

“There was something wrong with the accreditation so several key donors pulled their scholarships and … mine was one of the ones affected.

The board of directors and college president met with us as a group and then individually in order to convey the news and outline our options.

I can continue attending Twinbrook Community College but it would mean our having to pay the difference or accept the check for tuition reimbursement for the portion we paid and seek further education elsewhere.

My advisor was there for both meetings and said that Sim U will accept me as a transfer student and might still have a scholarship or two not awarded.

I decided to take the tuition reimbursement and transfer to Sim U which means I won’t be able to live here and commute.

We can easily keep in touch via phone or email while I am gone.”

“The terms aren’t long and I should be back in time for Ice’s graduation ceremony.”

Over breakfast, Tad asks questions and May answers them to the best of her ability. Marci offers support where she can but lets the two of them reach an agreement that is acceptable to both.

Glad that family harmony is still in place, Marci gathers up their dishes and … once again, the sink breaks. With a laugh, May calls out “tag-team” as she grabs the toolbox.

Marci thanks May for taking care of that because there is something she needs to do.

She picks up an uncomfortable kitty and takes Zep outside to give him a much-needed flea bath.

“There, there. Doesn’t that feel much better now?”

Ice arrives home from school and sees everyone busy with various activities.

Marci smiles and shows him the cookbook she is studying.

Tad glances over and nods hello before returning his attention back to his current piece.

And May? She’s trying to make the sink unbreakable!

Not pictured: Zep, who is busy in his litter box (located through the open doorway next to the stairs)

Tad really likes this one and decides to keep it.

As soon as Ice finishes his homework, he calls Keri. Even though he is turned away, everyone can hear his side of the conversation although they pretend they don’t.

Keri comes over and Ice apologizes as he takes her into the backyard.

“It’s sometimes difficult to get a bit of privacy in our house and I didn’t want to give you or them the wrong impression by taking you to my bedroom.”

Keri smiles and hold his hands, letting him know she appreciates his thoughtfulness.

Ice smiles when she tells him she would rather be outside with him than be indoors at home. His smile grows even bigger when she whispers, “You’re different from the other boys at school and that’s one thing I really like about you.”

They chat and get to know each other better, pleased to discover both prefer cold weather over hot.

Don’t they look cute together?

Ice then presents her with a bouquet of pink flowers and gently brushes her cheek. “I like you, Keri. I like you a lot.”

She responds by holding his hand in place and letting him know she likes him too.

Seizing the moment, Ice asks her to go steady and is over the moon when she says yes.

He then leads her back inside for a bit of dancing followed by dinner with his family so they can get to know her too.

Tad is pleased both of his kids are growing up and doing well considering the rough start they had here.

Keri thanks them for dinner and says it is time for her to head home.

Ice walks her to the door and they whisper goodbye to each other with big smiles on their faces.

This is a good place to stop.

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A/N: I opted not to fiddle further with the UNI at home mod and lot in case it didn’t work (again!) thereby causing me to lose a second week of progress for May. Will have her go to UNI and then continue the at-home portion so she’ll still be a term ahead of Ice. Thanks for your patience & understanding while I try new things … even if it didn’t work like I expected/hoped it to!

14 thoughts on “TIN Steps Day 27

    • I agree. I plan to give it another go at some point and see if I can get it working because it has potential.

      I LOVE this family! The challenge is close to ending but I’m extending it with college, lol

      Since Keri showed interest in him at the dance, I wanted to bring her over and see if they would be good together. Her traits are okay and they look cute together so I decided he didn’t to look elsewhere for a girlfriend. πŸ™‚

      Now we just need to find someone for May.

  1. It won’t be much longer Ice and the bus days will be over.. Zep is up and out early, no sleeping in for him! Oh dear a fiery queen in that painting or king :). :O wait what her scholarship got pulled how awful is that? Crying full tears here for May, its super sad seeing her go :(. Super great seeing both of them tackle the sink repairs. Zep is loving all that attention and is sure to get out and get bugs again so he can have more attention when he gets home :). Oh Tad that is a very lovely painting a keeper.. Ice and Keri that sounds good together, Ice is such a gentlemen, and yeah they are cute together, Congrats to the two of them that is super awesome an they will make a great team together. Look at all them setting at the table together, priceless moments for sure. That was a wonderful story and I loved this chapter, you are making it hard for me to pick out my favorite chapter with writing like this Addy.. Thank you for sharing with us!!

    • Not long at all … This chapter took place on Friday and Ice’s birthday is Monday. His aging up is the end of the challenge but I like to see them graduate high school.

      Zep cat is much like mine, out and about as much as possible … come home for food and somewhere comfy to sleep.

      The pulled scholarship is to explain my being done with UNI at home & sending her away to EA’s UNI. Don’t worry, that time will pass before we know it.

      I really like how Ice and Keri look together so decided she would be the one for him. Time will tell if they think so too. πŸ˜‰

      Thank you very much! Am really enjoying playing & writing this story so knowing you are emotionally invested makes me really happy!! No need to pick favorites, each chapter has something to offer.

    • Thank you!

      Yes, he is. The more I focused on Ice, this feeling of his being polite/respectful kept tapping me on the shoulder so I ran with it.

      Me too! May is meant for Uni & getting a degree.

      Playing this family/challenge has shown unique hurdles for them to handle and May’s higher education just became one more. How they react and handle adversity makes the story richer, I think.

  2. How sweet, Ice now has a girlfriend, Keri and him look great together! Good for Zep, he got a nice flea bath! I think it’s a good idea that May decided to make the sink unbreakable.. Sorry about the Uni mod, but that gives some time for Ice to have some high school romance before it’s his time to graduate.. Glad Tad chose not to sell the painting it looks very nice!

    • Yes, they do πŸ™‚

      It is amazing how often it breaks and I wonder if other players experienced similar when using this particular store sink.

      You’re right. Door closed (Uni at home) helps open a window (Uni away as well as nudging a budding relationship along).

      As soon as I saw this painting, I knew it would go on the wall instead of getting sold. The colors look great against their green walls.

    • I think so too. Keri is sure to make him smile more often and as we’ve seen, Ice has a nice smile.

      That sink! lol and yet not

      Thank you! Knowing you did makes me happy πŸ™‚

    • I agree, It’s a neat painting but doesn’t go with the overall look of their home.

      Good way to think about it. I really wanted to be able to do Uni at home and build the story that way but it just wasn’t working as expected. Ah well. Life goes on.

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