Modise 2

Year 1, Fall

Fall arrives with cooler weather and rain. Lots of rain.
A/N: It rained most days during this season … I plan to turn rain off for winter

Rainy days means finding things to do inside.

Astrid-Stella gathers her thoughts and writes a letter to her secret crush.

Pablo and Tara play blocks.
It’s sweet how Tara talks about things Pablo likes!

Marie and Pierre take turns playing hide-and-seek.

Astrid-Stella fails to make the sink self-cleaning and makes a bigger mess than what was there before. sigh

Pablo and Tara challenge each other to see who can do the most
Pablo: “Jumping Jacks!”
Tara: “Star Jumps!”

Astrid-Stella: “Those are names for the same thing so stop arguing about it!”

Astrid-Stella is crushed by her crush.
A/N: The game previously gave a message that he is interested which is why I had her send it in the first place! The only reason I can think for this failure is their relationship not being high enough … poor Astrid-Stella, how embarrassing!

Another day …

Michael Bachelor asks Astrid-Stella out on a date but she asks him to drop by her house instead.

“I know you’re dating Bebe Hart so please stop asking me out or I will tell her!”

Being rebellious means getting urges to do risky things from time to time.
Tara is glad nobody caught her “fixing” the toilet.

The same night …

Happy Birthday, Pierre!
Happy Birthday, Marie!
A/N: With discussion among our renovacy group, I realized my length for each age/stage was set too long so I made some adjustments

Followed by …

Happy Birthday, Tara!
Happy Birthday, Pablo!

The next day …

While the younger ones were occupied with homework and after-school snacks, Astrid-Stella came up with a plan.

Perhaps if they were paying attention, Astrid-Stella might have noticed the growing attraction between Pablo and Tara as well as the suspicious looking toilet. Oops!
A/N: Until their secret is shared with another Sim, I will continue calling them Astrid-Stella and won’t indicate which is Astrid and which is Stella

The day after that …

After the others leave for school, Astrid-Stella celebrate their birthday.
A/N: They have a C grade due to school opportunities and working hard which means neither can choose their last trait

One stays inside to work at the science station while the other tinkers with a junker that had been dumped at the scrapyard.
A/N: Each is doing things that pair well with their respective LTW wishes!

Astrid-Stella gets a letter from Ethan Bunch and isn’t sure how it makes her feel.

She goes to the library a little later and … crosses paths with Ethan. He has kind looking eyes and seems interested in what she has to say.

The interest appears to be mutual and … observed by several family members:
Mama Judy and younger sister, Darlene.
Arlo is more interested in books than babes at this point.

Later that day, Astrid-Stella hears a rumor and decides to ask if it is true.
Ethan was seen with Pauline Wan who openly expressed interest in him and he appeared receptive, too.

Ethan admits to being flattered by the older Sim and didn’t think it would be an issue since he isn’t officially in a relationship with anybody yet.

Astrid-Stella gives an polite smile that doesn’t reach her eyes and lets him know he should look elsewhere if he is planning to play the field.

Today’s challenge between Pablo and Tara is DOMINOES!

The next day …

Graduation ceremonies are being held at City Hall. Astrid-Stella opts to not go and requests her diploma gets sent to her.
A/N: Neither wanted to go without their twin so I opted to have them to “graduate” at home

Ethan makes his preference known when he calls to ask Astrid-Stella out on a date.

They meet at the coffeehouse for a bit of stargazing and leisurely conversation.

Plenty of time to decide if they are ready to become more than best friends and if he is someone she can trust with a secret that isn’t just hers to keep.

Summer << Modise & More >> Winter

6 thoughts on “Modise 2

    • They did 🙂

      Seasons are set to 7 days. I originally had toddler, child and teen set to 14 days but felt it was too long! Aged toddlers and child around 10 days. Opted to age teens early as their grades would only get worse.

      Thank you very much! Am glad you’re enjoying it. ♡♥♡

    • I agree, they are a nice looking bunch of Sims! Interesting personalities, too.

      I enjoy seeing starry nights in game & it’s even better sharing with another Sim. ♡♥♡

    • Yes, they do … especially, when I am writing about a season at a time. My friend, ciane, has each stage set to 7 days so hers went much quicker than mine, lol

      No, not yet but one is making some forward movement with Ethan Bunch. Not sure about the other twin yet.

      I do too. It’s fun finding different places to grab screenshots. ♡♥♡

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