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Dear Lucy,

Waking up to clean laundry is a great feeling but I wasn’t sure who to thank for doing this much-needed chore as the others are still sound asleep.

Coming downstairs for breakfast, it was easy to notice the tense atmosphere. Nobody was talking to Jolene and she kept her eyes averted from the others. I wish you were here, sis, to help soothe whatever ruffled these feathers.

You could at least clue me in on what to do. Knowing you, you would have had a handle on whatever was going on and could have prevented this “silent freeze-out” by sorting out the situation before it reached this point.

(Addy’s Note: Jolene attacked Ghost Lucy! Seeing the thought bubble, I expected to see something that could be used as a girlfriend approval moment but … nope … this happened. The entire family booed or heckled Jolene afterward. None of this was controlled or planned and definitely surprised me. These sims!)

Time to take a step back and decide what to do. Checking the mail was meant to give me a moment to put things in perspective but it only added to the confusion when I saw a letter from Jolene.

She wrote, “Thank you! Now I can finally tell you how special you are to me, Luke!”

What do I do?

The twins went to school and Tom offered to help Vanessa with the gardening which left Abigail and me with Jolene. Abigail politely excused herself and left the house. (Click HERE to see what she did)

Over a game of darts, I listened to what Jolene had to say.

Sensing a presence, she followed her late grandmother’s instructions for chasing it out of the house and didn’t understand why her actions upset the others.

I asked if the presence seemed bad or meant mischievous intent and Jolene indicated that she couldn’t tell.

I gently and carefully explained that we’ve periodically felt a presence and believed it to be Lucy and/or Cass, watching over and guiding us. Her actions could be interpreted to mean that she was removing their protective presence and …before I could say another word, Jolene put her fingers to my lips and silenced me.

She apologized profusely because this was never her intention and with a sad smile, hugged me before packing for her flight.

As we said our goodbyes at the curb while the taxi driver loaded her luggage, Jolene handed me a letter of apology for the others to read. We both hope this will help mend the rift because we’d like to continue seeing one another.

(Addy’s Note: Luke and Jolene are cute together but … not if it means fighting Ghost Lucy whenever she sees her. This is the first time I’ve seen a sim go after a ghost like this & admit I’m still unsure about what to do regarding her relationship with Luke)

Exercise is a great way to multitask! A sim can achieve physical results while mentally working through something and I have plenty to ponder today.

The twins bring Annemarie home after school.

Their closeness takes a turn when Mark suggests that the first one finished gets to play table tennis with their guest.

David is left grumbling about a certain twin cheating by doing homework during the bus ride home.

That sure brings back the memories! I did this very trick a time or two and boy, would it make you mad.

I should probably find different stories to tell the next time Mark asks me.

Love & laughter,

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8 thoughts on “LtL24

  1. I like you way you played it out. Jolene thought she was helping and didn’t mean any harm. She’s sorry, but she understands that the others might not see her point of view so readily and forgive as easily. Hopefully, they’ll all understand once it’s explained and be able to get passed this!

    • Thank YOU 🙂 Happy to know it came across as intended.

      I like the two of them together but this happening made me wonder if it would work out or not.

      It took a few minutes to figure out the wording because I wanted there to be a window in case the opportunity for Jolene to move in came along. Won’t be for a while since 6 sims & 4 dogs are the max allowed (found out during game play that it’s 10 between sims & pets. 8 max on sims with or without pets).

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