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Dear Lucy,

It’s good seeing things return to normal after a weekend like the one we just had.

They read Jolene’s apology letter and took turns filling an envelope with letters of their own. I let out a big sigh I didn’t realize I’d been holding when they handed the envelope to me so I could also add one.

We felt a presence in the house but it feels different from the one before. Am hoping that time will help patch this particular rough spot and return things to normal here as well.

Today is the last day of high school for the twins.

Time flies when you’re busy raising four children without a partner to help shoulder the load. I might have been unhappy in the beginning but readily admit that my being here helped me as much as it helped them.

We helped each other work through the grief of losing two of our favorite sims. Lucy and Cass will not be forgotten ~ this home and the family living here is indisputable proof.

On a lighter note, all four dogs are doing well. Sarge, Scout & Piper have mastered Hunting but Pepper will catch up soon. They also learned many tricks that will bring smiles to faces: Sit, Sit Up, Shake, Speak, Roll Over and Play Dead.
(Addy’s Note: Pepper is L8 and the other are L10 in the Hunting skill)

Sarge and I spent the early afternoon at the Dog Park. He might run slower than when he was a pup, but a game of Fetch is still enjoyable for both of us.

I can understand why Sarge is looking away from Pantoufle. The sim who dyed that poor dog and slapped him with such a silly name should seek therapy!

(Addy’s Note: This poor dog belongs to Imogen, Annemarie’s mom)

It’s a good thing I wasn’t home when the mail carrier brought a delivery for Abigail or I might have stepped next door and had words with Zac since he’s closer to my age than hers.

Yes, Abigail can handle herself and doesn’t need me to “fight her battles” but I admit to feeling relieved when she said his message creeped her out and showed it to me.

“I was thinking about you and thought you might like this. Call me!”

Giving someone a suggestive painting after briefly meeting them might not grab attention in the way the sender expects.

Another creepy message was the newspaper announcement welcoming Gerard, son of Imogen Pelly and Kanoa Parrott. If you ask me, that sim has his fingers pulling way too many strings in this town.

BLOOPER moment if you’re interested.

David and Mark celebrated making honor roll by stopping off at the neighborhood pool on their way home from school.

The twins had a breath holding contest and the outcome surprised both of them.

We met up with them and I know Sarge enjoyed it more than I did. Can you believe that Jazlyn had the audacity to call me for a date?! Maybe Kanoa isn’t the sole reason Ethan behaves the way he does.

It took longer for Sarge and me to return home since we took the scenic route, aka walking, and arrived home to see another competition in full swing.

Apparently these two numbskulls decided that the best of 2 out of 3 determines the order for transitioning.

David: 1 (holding breath)
Mark: 1 (table tennis)

Darts are next.

They never finished the game because …

Happy Birthday, David!

Followed by …

Happy Birthday, Mark!

“They grow up quick, Tom. Tom? Did you hear what I just said? Never mind, I can see you’re lost in thought.”

Everybody turned in early because tomorrow is going to be a big day.

I had trouble sleeping because I kept turning it all over in my head.

  • Tom & Vanessa mention wanting to welcome another Casey into the family soon.
  • Abigail and the twins graduate.

Lots of potential and possibilities among these four!

Pepper and Piper will become elders at the end of next season. I wonder if we should consider breeding one or both of them.

Before we know it, morning has come and we’re standing outside City Hall waiting for the doors to open.

It was a short, sweet ceremony.

Abigail graduated with Highest Honor and was Class Valedictorian!
Her peers voted her Most Likely to Get Married.
“Thanks, I think” was her response.

David and Mark also graduated with Highest Honor!
David was voted Most Likely to Become a Sports Star.
“You never know!” he said while striking a pose that made us laugh.

My spontaneous bursting into song about them getting there while growing facial hair made Abigail laugh so hard, she was gasping for breath.

We gathered together after a celebration lunch because it was time to talk about their futures.

Tom and Vanessa plan on staying here, raising dogs and a family. I asked if they would change their minds if money wasn’t an issue and both agreed that they would go on a small vacation before using the rest to make continued improvements and such around here. I handed Tom a check for the rest of his graduation present since some was spent on the kitchen improvements he wanted.

Abigail wants to travel a bit before settling down. She heard of container living and is eager to accept the challenge of making a home that also provides a place where artists and like-minded sims can gather. I handed her a check that will get her started on this interesting journey she has in mind.

(Addy’s Note: I decided a long time ago that Abigail would be the sim to participate in ciane’s container renovation challenge. Good Luck, Abigail!)

The twins also want to travel and plan on going to university. David wants to get a Physical Education degree and Mark plans to major in Science &Medicine. Each was handed a check with their name on it.

(Addy’s Note: Thanks to the efforts by each family member, especially the dogs!!, their ending bank balance is $64,629. Each received a graduation gift of $15,000 to get them started on their next stage of life.)

As for me, I plan to visit Jolene and see what happens. A vacation home in Champs Les Sims might be something our family needs.

Speaking of needs … thank you again for knowing exactly what I needed when I didn’t. I am not the same sim I was at the beginning of this “story” and for that I am thankful.


Here’s a FINAL TOUR of their finished renovation.

Thanks for joining Luke and the others on this fun and frazzling adventure!

6 thoughts on “LtL25

  1. YAY!!! I am so very excited to see an artist sim living the container life! I can hardly wait! Great story. It turned out really well for all of them. And, I truly enjoyed reading it.

    • Thank you 😀
      As soon as I saw your container challenge, I planned for Abigail to move into it. It’s going to be fun!!

      Things for this family have turned out well and I’m excited to continue playing them so there can be periodic photos in Abigail’s story. Receiving cards & photos from family members living elsewhere is a lot of fun in real life so I expect she’ll enjoy it too.

  2. Yes! Here goes my favorite Abigail. I can’t wait to see what awaits her as an adult. Hopefully, she’ll eventually meet a much nicer guy than Ethan.
    Reading this was a lot of fun and I truly grew attached to Luke’s family.

    • Thought you’d like knowing this … almost let it slip when responding to earlier comments, lol

      Me too! She deserves a nice guy. It’ll be fun seeing what happens next. i did as well which is why they’ll periodically make an “appearance” via photos because … Abigail has to get letters from home, right?!

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