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Dear Lucy,

Abigail won a ticket to see a free game at the stadium and asked her brothers to go with her, but they weren’t interested. I wonder if it has anything to do with the stadium being located on the same property as their school.

David and Mark raced outside with a gleam in their eye. There were leaves to pile up and play in! They cleaned up when they were done.

Abigail surprised herself by enjoying the game, but the biggest surprise happened after the game. Happy Birthday, Abigail!

Tom borrowed the truck to meet Vanessa at the movies.

Unfortunately, they were too late to get tickets but Tom didn’t let that deter them from having a good time. He brought her back to the house and served a home-cooked meal.

Abigail is determined to have her own success when it comes to a first romance. Poor Ethan. I don’t think he stands a chance when facing off against her strong will. Does she remind you of anyone, sis?

I can’t say that Tom is happy with Abigail’s efforts to romance his friend. I plan to let the siblings sort things out between themselves and give space while the boys figure out their friendship now that girls have entered into the equation, only sharing my opinion or offering guidance if it’s asked for or required.

Sarge and Scout have the right idea. Eat a good meal and slink off for a nap while the teens sort out their troubles.

Maybe now is a good time to head on up to my own space. Will write more later.


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6 thoughts on “LtL12

  1. Love dates at a festival lot. The sims can do their own thing while waiting for the date to arrive and there is always lots of stuff to do that keeps up the entertainment fun requirement. It’s nice once they are children and teens, isn’t it? With the exception of teaching them to drive and getting the homework done, life is pretty mellow.

    • I agree, the festival lot is good for dates! Plenty to do if the date is going well and stuff to distract in case it isn’t.

      I agree, it’s definitely easier when sim kids age and can do more for themselves. Not sure if everything gets mellow when they become teens with stuff like proms and first loves, but I find it to be much easier than trying to take care of multiples when they’re toddlers.

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