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Dear Lucy,

I don’t know what Scout got into, but she was grungy and full of fleas.

It worried me when she went back outside and laid down so I checked to be sure she wasn’t ill.

When the kids got home from school, I let them know that she was okay but needed a little time to herself so we went about our business.

It wasn’t long before Scout barked to get our attention and announced the newest members of the Casey household.

The twins were thrilled there was another pair and quickly named them Piper (girl) and Pepper (boy). Abigail seemed fine with their claiming them … especially when I offered to teach her how to drive.

She’s a quick learner and passed the test after we spent several evenings preparing her for it.

Good timing, too, as there were soon two more who needed driving lessons.

Happy Birthday, Mark!

Happy Birthday, David!

Neither birthdays nor moving vehicles seemed to catch the interest of our four-legged family members and they kept out of the way of all that teen excitement.

The old me might have agreed with the dogs, but your children have grown on me and claimed special spots in my heart. They won’t take your place, sis, but I’m thankful I had this opportunity for growth.
Addy’s Note: Luke earned enough points to change his personality. Adventurous,  Commitment Issues & Dislikes Children became Good Sense of Humor, Dog Person & Nurturing. He kept Athletic and Handy.

Thanks for once again knowing what was best for me.


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6 thoughts on “LtL13

  1. It is nice to see Luke growing as a person. I bet it was hard on him not liking children. I can kind of understand, being a person that does not really care for babies. Kids are just fine though. 😉

    • It was difficult having that trait when he was/is responsible for raising 4 children. I always planned on Luke going through a “growth phase” and am glad he earned enough points so I could change his traits.

      Babies are cute to look at, but I prefer when they’re older and you can interact more with them … especially the PLAYING part! The times where Sunshine & I pulled out her Playmobil toys and set up our own town will always be fondly remembered.

  2. The pups are so cute! I especially love the shot of them being protected as they sleep! I’m glad you were finally able to change Luke’s traits. I was look forward to doing that in the challenges as well. The story is coming along very nicely.

    • I think these puppies are cute too, but wish I had shortened their puppy stage more than I did because they don’t do much when that little.

      The shot of them sleeping together is one of my favorites!

      Dislikes Children is a difficult trait for a sim to have when in a house filled with children of all ages & stages as Luke (and I) found out! I cheered when I saw that he had enough points to change this, lol

      Thank you 😀

    • Yes and we’re both happy to say bye to Dislikes Children! Even though the kiddos are older, things should be more enjoyable for Luke from here on out.

      Not sure if “fun” is what I would call it, lol Crazy or driving me crazy is more like it. Although, I am looking forward to them aging up and seeing which parent they take after. Will be hard to tell since both Sarge and Scout are light-colored.

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