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Dear Lucy,

David went over to Dakota Fox’s house after school.

The visit went well, judging by way David chatted on about his new friend after he got back home.

The Fox family have a nice piece of property on the outskirts of town.

David mentioned that their chairs have comfortable cushions.

They spent their time chatting while working on homework together.
Addy’s Note: Oops! The free collage maker ran out of space and doesn’t seem to have a way to delete old photos from their cloud as far as I can tell. Bummer. Not sure if paying their subscription fee would allow for removal of old collage images so I’ll be trying out another free one that seems to not have this issue according to their FAQs.

He thought Mrs. Fox was pretty and liked how friendly she is.

Tom and I took care of Scout and Sarge. Tom worked on teaching Scout how to sit while I bathed a stinky Sarge. I have no idea what he had gotten himself into but p-u he smelled like he ripped a ripe one.

Learning how to sit went well and we moved on to learning how to sit up.

Abigail went out to gather some wildflowers to sell but I think it’s more to see if she can spot Ethan, Tom’s friend, out and about. That girl seems to have a bit of a crush on him.

I can’t tell if Tom is amused or embarrassed by her actions but I’m going to let the two of them sort things out. I’ll only step in if it looks like any lines are being crossed by them or Ethan.

Crossing lines made me think of how cross I got tonight. There was a clogged toilet downstairs that was easily fixed, but as soon as I headed up to my area for a little quiet time, mine got clogged too.

If this keeps happening, I’ll have to take a good look at the plumbing which could potentially be an expensive fix.

But that is something to think about another time. That and talking about driving lessons with Tom. Those didn’t go as well as expected and I think Tom got frustrated with me, but that is a story to tell another time as it would make this letter too long.

Goodbye for now, sis.


Bonus: Driving Lessons
House at end of Week Two
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    • I ran out of room on Fotor & honestly didn’t think of opening a 2nd account. Am trying out BeFunky and like it so far. Their FAQ indicates that they don’t save images so we’ll see if that remains true.

    • I think so too. I’ll try to remember to pay attention or make friends with him. His hair coloring is quite striking and it will be neat to see if it shows up well when he ages!

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