Ella: Week 6


The TV at the fire station breaks and Ella is relieved she fixed it without any mishaps.

Her garden has survived the winter.

Ella mooches a meal from the park proprietor and gets a hug from Hugh.
A/N: He walks over and hugs her … I LOVE them together!!

The day can’t get any better than this!

She goes to see part of the SimFest performances the next day and is surprised to see a familiar figure up on stage. It’s HUGH!

He quit the paparazzi profession and is now a singer.

Afterward, Hugh joins her for a picnic and some stargazing.

Fickle weather! The garden is mostly dormant but at least the pond hasn’t frozen over.

Ella and Hugh go on a date during Love Day.
She wins the horseshoe toss but he won her heart when he pulls her close for a dance.

Another day, another broken item. Ella is getting good at repairing them!

She heads back to the fire station for a meal and sees more than she wanted to. Blaise and Goodwin are flirting. Since both are married and not to each other, she lets them know how disappointed she is by their behavior.

It’s a good thing the shell of her home is finished.

Ella can picnic at the park next door then go home to bathe and sleep.

The downstairs bathroom is the only finished room but since she isn’t ready to entertain, this isn’t an issue.

Her photo wall is coming along nicely, too!

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12 thoughts on “Ella: Week 6

  1. I love them together too! ♥
    YAY for the very lovely home shell finished! The goal is near!
    Beautiful photo wall ♥

    • Thank YOU! ♥
      They are such a lovely couple so hopefully any child of theirs will be cute, too.

      Yes!! Happy to see progress with the build & look forward to showing off the finished home.

      I ♥♥♥ photo walls!

    • I know how you feel. their romance makes me smile!

      Thank you! I graphed 5 houses before deciding on a plan I liked. I knew what I wanted … it just took a while to figure out room placement. Looking forward to showing the rest of it with y’all.

  2. I’m SO glad he’s not a paparazzi anymore. 🙂

    That house shell you built is really cute! Isn’t it fun building up your handiness on other Sims’ lots? 🙂

    • I agree! Paparazzi doesn’t seem like it would be an enjoyable career choice for the long haul.

      Thanks! I think it turned out well.

      It was definitely different from the way I usually do things. I’m not used to not starting off with a home except for the Sims 4 challenge I play (Drifter Challenge).

  3. Totally misread this “Ella mooches a meal from the park proprietor and gets a hug from Hugh.”
    Thought it said “Ella smooches a real man”

  4. Great chapter, so nice to see that Ella now has her house on the way, her relationship with Hugh is getting stronger! Too bad Blaise and Goodwin are not doing as well, she was brave enough to let them know her disapproval.. Hopefully, things will be different for her and Hugh..

    • Thank you! Ella and Hugh are cute together and am hoping their bond will deepen over time.

      I dislike the game letting Sims cheat on spouses and significant others. Maybe I should adjust the settings in Nraas so this doesn’t happen.

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