7.22: What Happens Next

Family News:
Birthday cards are sent to Duncan, Bridgette, Shon, Deidra, Kirk, Antoine, Kristine, Graciela, Quinton, April, Wade & Elbert.
Addy’s Note: Wow! That’s a lot of birthdays within the family.

The Snyder family members aren’t sure what caused their celebrity status and try to go about their daily lives without interruption, but having paparazzi camp outside their home on a daily basis gets a bit annoying after a while. It also makes the younger ones want to stomp their feet and throw temper tantrums.

Ben catches Evan Robb peeking in while he is busy trying a new flavor combination on the nectar machine.

Bell and Braden ignore the looming presence of Rodrigo Kowalski while they’re watching the stars. Braden wonders why he doesn’t notice the zombie, Leigh Ryan, and lowers his voice to tell Bell.

Eventually Bell and Braden go inside to cuddle on the couch and watch movies. It’s a better way to spend their date.

Family News:
Birthday cards are sent to Damian, Rae, Lucia & Titus.
Winston and Keli get engaged.
Josephine is expecting her 1st child.

There is a field trip to the Mausoleum after school. The twins aren’t sure why someone would think that is somewhere high school students wish to go, but an outing that lets you leave school early is fine with them.

Bell and Darla let the boys lead the way so they can’t scare them from behind.

~ Wednesday ~
Family News:
Keli and Winston marry. Congratulations!
Beatrice gives birth to a girl. Welcome to the family, Brenda!
Birthday cards are sent to Dora, Layla, Aren, Christin, Berjes & Mark.

Van enjoys using the indoors swing with Baz because it reminds him of similar times with the twins. It’s fun watching them swing back and forth while making silly faces to make them laugh.

The senior class is small, but the administration held a ceremony for Braden instead of asking him to wait for the other graduates.

Ben, Bell and Darla got permission to leave class early and attend his graduation ceremony.

Weddings tend to make young ladies think of future wedded bliss so it’s no surprise that the ceremony made Ben and Bell think of their own upcoming event.

Happy Birthday, Bell!

Happy Birthday, Ben!

Addy’s Note: For some reason, the game had Bell go first even though Ben is the eldest twin. Ladies first!

The twins arrive home and surprise their parents.

Apparently, this isn’t the only birthday surprise in the family.

Happy Birthday, Baz!

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6 thoughts on “7.22: What Happens Next

  1. Both Ben and Bell are as pretty as a picture, as anticipated. I love the beautiful eye color!
    I smiled as I saw what the field trip driver was wearing. These are some crazy colors for a hoodie.

    • It is nice to see Justin’s eye color continue on … such a pretty color! It has me curious about what other Imaginary Friends would look like if they were turned into sims.

      Yes, that hoodie was rather bright. I laugh (or cringe!) when I see the outfits various townies wear.

    • I agree! A Mausoleum is such a weird place to go on a school trip.

      LOL You caught that, did you?! The game weirdly shrunk Ben and Bell before birthday magic happened and then returned them to correct size afterwards. I just went with it because I didn’t want to have to do the scene over. My game is beginning to have more glitches and so once again I am limping along, fingers crossed, hoping that the game can continue.

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