Zombies! LTWs! And Birthdays! Oh My!!!

Spring time, check. Full moon, check. Time for Zach to do a little Zombie removal as he has grains to gather.ZombieZombie2
Addy’s Note: Zach’s LTW is Mystic Healer. While Zach & Nichol were vacationing in China, I had Zach toadify several Sims and then cure them because I learned that that way would count towards the overall goal LOL I was afraid that Zach would run out of time waiting for 12 Zombies to appear as it took a long time to get his Witch skills up to the point where he could cast Sunlight charm. Zach achieved his LTW with this guy.

While Zach is keeping the house and garden Zombie-free, things are busy (and fun!) inside the house…

Rosie loves being able to play with her big brother, Reiley!
He enjoys showing her the noise that each block makes when banged upon the table, but she prefers taste to sound.
Toddler Time

“That’s a good girl, Rosie! You will soon be going potty all by yourself… just like your big brother, Reiley.”
Rosie Learned to Potty

Zach couldn’t help but chuckle when he saw this Zombie “bride” streaming videos.
Zombie Bride

Now that Mom is a little older and starting to be a bit slower, Kayla encourages her to relax and simply have some fun.
Nichol working on her LTW
Addy’s Note: Nichol achieved her LTW of Golden Tongue/Golden Fingers

Story time got interrupted because Kayla thought she heard something.
Investigating the Noise

Time to go investigate…

A quick check downstairs revealed that everything was fine.
Teaching Rosie to Talk

Before she could head back upstairs to continue reading with Reiley, Kayla found herself discussing her latest book ~ Gabby the Giraffe ~ with Nichol.

Kayla and Jeremey took bowls of Hot and Sour Soup out to the dining room and were pleasantly surprised by the young man who had joined them at the table. TODAY Reiley grew up a little bit more and is ready to ask a few questions about school. “Will I make friends?” “Will there be a lot of reading and writing?” Kayla and Jeremey reminisce and share stories of their own experiences.
Family Dinner


Zach finally has the Zombie issue under control and finds time to do a little bit of gardening.
“Ow! My aching back. I might have pulled a little too hard on those weeds just now.”
Zach in the GardenZach2

“Wait a minute! What happened? I look different. Older.”
(Zach pulls out his phone and looks at the calendar app)
“Ah. That explains it. TODAY is my Birthday and I forgot to set a reminder alarm. LOL”

The family quickly celebrated with bowls of ice cream.
Happy Birthday, Reiley!
Happy Birthday, Zach!
Addy’s Note: How interesting that the family experienced another pair of “twin” birthdays! None of this was planned in advance so it is really neat to see stuff like this happen!

Zach did a quick bit of magic and gave Reiley a luminous salamander. Welcome to the family, Luke!
Feeding Luke

“Tomorrow’s a big day, Luke. My first day of school! Can I tell you a secret? I’m a little nervous and excited and I don’t know how I’ll be able to sleep tonight and (Reiley begins listing various scenarios) and… (a little while later covers a yawn)… Goodnight, Luke.”
Goodnight Luke

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4 thoughts on “Zombies! LTWs! And Birthdays! Oh My!!!

  1. Kind of cheating to toad someone and then heal them. It’s like a Dr breaking legs so he can get more patients. LOL

    Good luck at school tomorrow Reiley. You’ll do just fine.

    • LOL I am such a completionist! I always want my Sims to accomplish their goals, but I am also realistic and know that sooner or later the rolls in this legacy will challenge me in this regard. Will be interesting to see how I handle things then.

    • So many birthday posts to write when the household is as large as this and am having fun trying to make each one a little bit different. I’m horrible about remembering to throw parties though so I try to “catch” them at a good point when the transition seems to fall… although I’m not always successful since sims will be sims.

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