You Say Goodbye and I Say Hello

After the graduation ceremony, the family decided to enjoy the rest of their Snowflake Day at the winter festival.
Festival PIC

It was certainly full of surprises. Lillian Newbie went into labor, Terrell Kouadio started freaking out and Caren Snyder-Parrott is calmly building a snowman… well, she IS experienced with having children after all. Festival

Nate: “Mom, Dad… how about us against you two?” Festival2Addy’s Note: What fun! Each couple stayed together and neither side seemed to be showing any mercy. LOL

They are evenly matched. Festival3

Meanwhile, inside…

Bobby Snyder-Parrott is seen talking with his middle child, Justina. Festival4Addy’s Note: No fair! She has Nichol’s ears. Kayla, heir generation 2, had them but none of my other heirs have been as lucky.

Caren is ice skating, Bobby & Caren’s oldest Kasey is doing homework with a friend and the woman on the right is Rosie. Festival5Addy’s Note: Rosie isn’t an Elder, she just looks older due to the dark lighting in the building. She still has her lighter shade of hair color. Perhaps her mature look is due to her penchant for older men. Oh! Getting distracted… I just happened to notice the guy from the Polar Bear Club on the ice. LOL

Oh, hey wait a second! Where is their youngest daughter?

Poor little Kyra. Festival7

Rosie’s ex-husband, Terrell, is looking a little tired. Festival8

He isn’t tired. Oh! Oh. Oh 😦 Festival9

I think Terrell is at peace now. Festival10

Not the best of dates, but Nate plucks up his courage and takes Kristy outside. They talk about their future. Festival11Addy’s Note: Brave woman! Still smiling after Nate says that he wants to have 4 kids.

Do you want to build a snowman? Festival12

Not quite the mood Nate was going for. Festival13

New tactic: If a way to a man’s heart is through his stomach and we’re equal… Festival14

Oh dear, this could be a mood kill for sure! Festival15Festival16

Or not! Festival17

Nate decides to just go with the flow of his fast beating heart Festival18Festival19Festival20Festival21

She said YES! (Not that there was ever any doubt!) Festival22

A good thing too as it turns out.

Goodbye, Chipmunk Charlie. Goodbye CharlieGoodbye Charlie2

And Hello, baby! BabyBaby2

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4 thoughts on “You Say Goodbye and I Say Hello

    • Yes, the Sims certainly aren’t subtle when it comes to the proposal and the shiny rock in a box. The ring that you can add to their finger doesn’t shine nearly as much, but it is the thought that counts, right?! 😉

      I seem to recall having another proposal happening with a ghostly witness. I like to think that departed family members are looking on and smiling their acceptance of the new family member.

    • We can’t always control timing or what happens but all events, good & bad, shape the memory quilts of lives and I imagine each Snyder carries a patchworked one made up of wonderful fabrics and carefully, lovingly stitched designs.

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