We LOVE Love Day and Birthdays, too!

Happy Love Day!

The Snyder family celebrates by spending time at the festival.
Love Day - ReileyLove Day - Zach and NicholLove Day - RosieLove Day - Kayla and Jeremey

Johnnie, Nikki’s husband, takes full advantage of the kissing booth!
Love Day - Johnnie
Addy’s Note: He might be part cat… tom cat, that is! He has been an elder for some time now and still seems quite active.

NEW pictures for the family room! The top one includes Reiley and Rosie’s cousin, Bobby.

LDay Photo

Jeremey has learned how to make Fish & Chips and invited his family to dinner. None of them are in any hurry to eat…
Dinner - Aiden and HannahDinner-Hannah
Addy’s Note: Bubba Jimenez couldn’t make it. What is up with the brother-in-laws not being able to attend family gatherings?!

Aiden needed to take a break from all the socializing and goes to find a quiet spot.
Dinner - Aiden Quiet Time

Aiden, Hannah and Monica Jones were having fun and stayed until the wee hours of the next morning!
Late Night
Addy’s Note: They even hung around outside for a few more hours with each Sim trying to find a way to re-enter the house. Some Sims just don’t know when enough is enough LOL

Hours later the family wakes to a quiet house. Their guests are gone and the house isn’t too messy. Nothing got broken. A good time was had by all.

Fish & Chips is Rosie’s favorite food (hence the reason Jeremey wanted to learn the recipe in the first place!) so let’s see if she likes it…
Rosie Eats1Rosie Eats2Rosie Eats3
She did! No more dishes tossed onto the floor.

Who knew that processing Fish & Chips for a toddler to enjoy could make such a mess?!
Rosie Eats4
Addy’s Note: Just kidding! The kitchen is one of the busiest rooms in the house and it shows! It takes a lot of work to feed 4 grownups and 2 kids.

Hooray! The extra loan is now PAID IN FULL.

Happy Birthday, Rosie!!!
Rosie BDay1Rosie BDay2Rosie BDay3Rosie BDay4

Time to celebrate…
Rosie BDay5Rosie BDay6Rosie BDay7Rosie BDay8

Zach gets an idea and shares it with Nichol…
Zach Idea

Zach thought it would be nice to build a greenhouse so that the family could enjoy fresh produce year-round.

The next day brings yet another wonderful surprise to the Snyder family… Happy Birthday, Reiley!!!
Reiley BDay1Reiley BDay2
What a handsome young man he is growing up to be!

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4 thoughts on “We LOVE Love Day and Birthdays, too!

  1. Really like the family portraits. Looks so much like real family photos from growing up. Add a really nice “Real World” touch to the game and story.

    • Thank YOU 🙂
      Reiley is indeed a handsome young man and the Snyder genes are the best ones that I’ve ever had in this game!
      Me too… it’s the family moments that make this game so compelling and the characters “come alive”.

      No need to apologize, I’m greatly appreciative of your taking the time to read & comment.

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