Tripp Lawson

This story has a beginning, Part One, and a middle, Part Two. Here is the rest of it.

Upon entering, John and Katie immediately notice the hall closet as well as the doors on the right-hand side.

BoxLuxe 5

The far-right door leads to the bathroom that includes a washer and dryer.

BoxLuxe 6

“That’s convenient.”

The door to the left of the bathroom leads to a bedroom.

BoxLuxe 7

Katie: “Oooh …”

Next to this is another bedroom.

BoxLuxe 8

John: “Ah …”

Returning to the hallway and walking past the closet, they discover an open floor plan.

BoxLuxe 9

Each side of the deck is “framed” by an enclosed garden that can be viewed from the inside. (Didn’t want to add expense of two doors for access to these “flower boxes” so we’ll pretend there is access)
BoxLuxe 11

BoxLuxe 10

John: “This is really nice.”
Katie: “I agree.”

Each look at the cost and sadly discover that it’s out of their price range. As Katie sets the fact sheet back on the table and begins to step away, John introduces himself and begins chatting with her.

BoxLuxe 12

“This would be a lovely place to relax after a long day at the office. I can easily see myself here, taking a break after a day spent writing reports and filing documents.”

Katie laughs. “My office would be conveniently located outside the front door.”

Both then speak at the same time and say similar words regarding not being able to afford it on their own and wishing the other luck in living there. Then they look at one another … the hall leading to two bedrooms … and then back at one another.

John bravely puts forth an idea regarding them sharing the place and is pleasantly surprised when Katie agrees.

“This place calls to both of us and there is plenty of room, so we wouldn’t necessarily be on top of one another. Let’s talk things over and see if we can reach some sort of agreement that is acceptable to both of us.”

The two of them talk for what seems like hours and hammer out most of the details.

BoxLuxe 13

“Sitting out here is nice and relaxing.”

John and Katie agree to split the costs down the middle and write out checks to cover their individual portions of the purchase price after signing the purchase contract.

Everything is in order and they are now the proud owners of Box Luxe.

Additional pictures of the property:

Exterior 1
Exterior 2

Roof-line Overview
Roofline Overview

Main Floor Overview
MainFloor Overview with labels

Ground Overview
Ground Overview

The house description mentions something along the lines of thinking outside the box … take the time to explore and perhaps you’ll find the reason behind the slightly obscure wording. Or is there a message somewhere on the property that might be beneficial to solving this mystery?

Have fun exploring Box Luxe and determining the fate of John and Katie. Fast friends? Something more? Time will tell.

Download Links:
Box Luxe (unoccupied house)
Tripp Lawson (No House) (Sims only)
Tripp Lawson (House with the 2 Sims)

Enjoy !!!

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    • Thank YOU 🙂
      Hopefully someone explores and sees the extra bit soon because I’d like to know what they think. Did a lot of testing on that section alone to be sure all components worked!

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