Triple Things

Rosie must think Anderson is special because they are dating again. May the third time be the charm!

Grace, Gina and Gabby think that three is a fine number.
Three times the fun, three times the toys and three times the…

Happy Birthday, Gina!


Not to be outdone by her younger sister…

Happy Birthday, Grace!


Big sisters, wait for me…

Happy Birthday, Gabby!


All three girls have really good relationships with their imaginary friends.

Uh oh! Athena Lessen looks rather creepy with her smiling face.
This doesn’t bode well for Gina… IF

Not sure what Athena had in mind because Gabby changed the dynamic of the moment…

Gina’s view: IF2

Gabby’s view: IF3

Every chance they got, the girls would sing or play with their special toys. Imaginary friends can be fun, but they have the potential to be mischievous. Nate has tried several times to get rid of them, but they keep reappearing. It looks like these IFs are here to stay!

Addy’s Note: While I have been lucky in not having to deal with IFs making messes or breaking things, I got tired of always having them underfoot so tried to get rid of them using the shift-click object delete option, but they kept returning to the child’s inventory. Weird. I guess I’m stuck with them, but I’m not letting them come out to play anymore!

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3 thoughts on “Triple Things

    • Thanks 🙂

      Oooh, good idea! Maybe that’s what I’ll start doing with them. Sure they can become lovely sims, but the hassle of having them & dealing with their antics isn’t worth the payoff in my opinion.

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