Things are Starting to Heat Up

Nate is a typical teen. Chores to do.

School and homework, too.

A classmate rode the bus home with him one day. It was Kristy Broke.
Addy’s Note: You might recall mention of Kristy & her sister, Malissa, in an earlier story. These two girls would either not come over after being invited or if they did… would leave almost immediately upon arrival. I felt bad for Nate.

Alice was briefly introduced to Kristy, but realized that the two were in a world of their own. That’s teens for you.

Yes, Mom! They did their homework.

They obviously had no trouble chatting and furthering their friendship because Kristy stayed rather late.

I think Nate likes his new friend!

Okay… he like likes her

Soon the school hallways were covered with posters for prom. Nate asked Kristy if she would go with him and she said yes.

Lynda SP-Bagley gave birth to a baby girl named Renae and Alice stopped by to meet the newest addition to the Snyder clan.
Baby Renae

Lynda wanted to talk about the rainy weather and both moms hoped that it wouldn’t dampen the enthusiasm of the students as that very night is…

What a fine gentleman Nate is turning out to be. He handed Kristy an umbrella for the walk from house to car.

Nate was named King of the prom!
Prom PIC
Addy’s Note: Every heir… Kayla, Reiley and now Nathan has been named King or Queen of the prom. I wonder what the other families in town must think of this obvious preferential treatment. Will the Snyder clan claim the crown each and every generation? Will there be some serious maneuvering in a future generation so this “royal family” will topple from the top spot?

The next day Alice gets a call from Terrell Kouadio and learns that Rosie is out on a date with Gus Broke (an Elder)
Addy’s Note: Good old Story Progression is at it again! Apparently Rosie and Terrell divorced, but still share a house. Peaceful parting. No idea when they divorced but it couldn’t have been too long ago as the mod quickly forms new relationships.

Alice: “What?! The gossip grapevine is buzzing around Nate and Kristy? *listens some more* Oh, really?! People are discussing their wedding plans and trying to guess which holiday it will take place on? They just started dating. There’s no need to rush the relationship, when the timing is right they’ll both know & then and only then will the rest of us know, too!”

The phone call must have distracted Alice more than she’d care to admit because the chili con carne she made for dinner was extra spicy. Too much ghost chili!

Alice burped while she was trying to load her dish in the dishwasher and…

Nate to the rescue!

Conversation caption:
Kristy: “Nate! You were so quick to react and get the fire under control. How did you do it?”
Nate: “Well… *starts blushing*… I have been working out.”
Reiley: “I’m not sure that is what they meant by 5-alarm chili”

An embarrassed Alice scrubs the non-damaged (whew!) dishwasher until it is clean and ready to be used again. Fire4

Nate walks Kristy to the door, apologizing again for the alarm/panic caused by the small kitchen fire

Nate: “Kristy, I wouldn’t let anything harm you because you’re… *starts blushing*… special to me.”

Kristy obviously appreciates his care and concern for her well-being

Nate is still in a daze as he gets ready for bed as there are several thoughts swirling through his mind. Kristy. The fire. Kristy.

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8 thoughts on “Things are Starting to Heat Up

    • Silly man, they don’t go around expecting to be called King this or Queen that… well, if I somehow end up with a diva Sim I am pretty sure that they might LOL

      You’re so funny. Hearing me talk about the game as much as I do (or do you tune me out since you’re often wearing headphones and watching a video while playing your own game? LOL), I’m sure you know things like this are randomized. Come to think of it… it might have been a fun feature for the newspaper to include an article about Prom King and Queen. Ah well, this game has plenty of things to amuse and entertain my Sims and me 🙂

    • I agree 🙂 Their relationship is cute to see.

      By taking lots of pictures and sifting through them, I find the story to write instead of doing it vice versa. It is always interesting to see what pops up by doing it this way 🙂

      I love their little thought bubbles! Also I have gotten lucky with a photo showing a facial expression that I hadn’t really noticed while playing and it really sets the mood for the moment that I’m writing about. Such fun.

      • That is a really rewarding way to do things, I think 🙂 I always feel that if things aren’t going to be sim-led, why even make it a sims story at all? That’s just me though; there are lots of talented people in this community with different ways of doing things!
        I play with hideheadlineeffects on, so I don’t really ever get to see the thought bubbles, but you and ciane are making me realize what I’m missing 🙂

      • Thanks, GC! I agree, the people in our community are very creative in many, many ways. The things they make for their game & share to the exchange; the stories they write/blog about – a few friends tell their stories by sharing in-game memories. Lots of different ways to tell a story, that’s for sure 🙂

        If I could keep the thought bubbles and have the skill bar, maybe plumbob disappear then I would use the code. I like to see their thoughts, but don’t need to know how far along they are in doing something. Plumbob is usual when I have lots of Sims and need to know who is doing what. Oooh… we’re converting you. Here. Have a cookie LOL

    • The Snyder teens certainly have memorable proms, that’s for sure!

      Ah yes, it is sweet to see young love blossom like this… so fun when the pictures capture moods so wonderfully and then the words flow to “fill in the blanks”.

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